A Happy Thanksgiving and Flowers

We do pray that you had a Wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!  Kent and I are in Phoenix, Arizona again.  We spent Thanksgiving with a Professor of the Christian College where I (Jan) volunteers doing the flower planting.

We had  such a good time with them and lots of delicious food.  Prof Jim and his wife Shirley have 3 daughters. Two of them came and some friends and one had a boyfriend.  While we were getting to know one of the girls who is a teacher in a local school, we were asking about her family. We found out that she is the daughter of an old college friend of ours. Wow! I was very surprised and pleased. We loved Bill in college and have met his family before but only met his daughter once about 10 years ago.  We even had time to call Bill up. What a fun surprise!

We are enjoying our friends here in Arizona and also being back to a more “stable” schedule again. We are again parked at the same Mobile home park that has spaces for a few RVs and enjoying the warm weather here.

When I came back to the college landscaping I saw lots to do. It was much less than in previous years. As some staff had planted some of the boxes so it looked nice for the beginning of the school year.

So here the boxes are before trimming and planting.


I did some trimming and planted a few flowers for some “pop” of color. Everything is looking really good now.


There were two larger flower beds that had needed everything done. So here is a before:



Here is when I was done. I was able to salvage lots of Sweet Alyssum (the little white flowers around the edge) from plants that just sprung up from some being planted there last year.


Now I have turned my talents to working on trimming bushes and other things around the campus. There always seems to be something to do so that is not a problem.

Kent is back in the swing of things in missions ministry. He has made contact with several students at Arizona Christian University where I volunteer too. There is a team going to Japan this summer from there.  So we are excited about that too.

God is blessing us and using us in His Kingdom work for which we are very thankful. We are thankful for all the ways He uses us.

May God bless you today too!

Love Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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