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Another trip to Portland, Oregon plus

January 27, 2014

2 weeks ago, Kent and I flew to Portland, Oregon for another missions conference. But before going to the conference we went a few days earlier to drive to see his parents. We had not seen them personally since their accident. It was good to be able to see them and how they are recuperating. We and they are so grateful for the prayers on their behalf. They are in their own home and doing most of their own chores. We are also so grateful for Kent’s sister LeAnn as she continues to travel back and forth between her house and theirs and that is a 5 hour drive. God has been so gracious in all of this.


After our visit we then drove back to Portland for the missions conference. It was a good and busy missions conference.


We got to stay with Ken and LeAnn while attending this conference.

On Sunday we flew out to Denver for our WorldVenture’s annual Renewal conference. We got to stay with Kara and Nick while we attended this conference.  The conference is designed as a time of renewal and refreshment for our foreign missionaries on home assignment  but all of the staff from Headquarters is also included. We love the 2 days of prayer and praise and then hearing from various people to sharpen our focus and encourage our hearts. Kent and I always come away refreshed in spirit and tired in body as it is a very busy week. This year we had more leadership transitions. We are so grateful for the people that God has placed in WorldVenture and how they are looking to HIm for their focus.


Then we got to spend the weekend with our daughter and son in law again. We always enjoy these special times. Nick was busy preparing for a presentation so Kara took Kent and I to Breckenridge, Colorado for their annual ice sculpture contest. Kara and Nick have gone before and it sounded like a fun thing to do. It is a 2 hour drive from Denver but well worth it. Here is the link to the Breckenridge Ice Sculpture contest for you to peruse.

Here are some of the ones we saw this year.


There is a sign and  the design in front of the sculpture which tells the country the team is from as well. I really liked this one, it had a lot of details. I had not realized that teams came from all over the world.


IMG_1467IMG_6722This one with the musical sign was one of my favorites.

After seeing the sculptures we went for a delicious crepe at a local outdoor place. We had to wait almost an hour but they were really good! We so enjoyed the day with Kara.

Kara and Kent have always been close and it was fun seeing them have fun together again.


After the seeing the sculptures, we went on the gondola to see a view of the city. Beautiful..but my pictures weren’t… Kent did take this one of Kara and I on the gondola. Fun times!


 In the evening we  all went out to celebrate Kent’s upcoming birthday. Nick had some wings and we all got to share with him.


We love having these special times with our family when in town for the mission. We are now back home in our RV house in Phoenix, Arizona. And glad to be home again!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

I am trying to position the pics in new ways…something new. A friend of  mine seems to do a much better job. I will have to learn.

2013 Year in review

January 23, 2014

We so enjoy what we are doing in ministry and life. Here are some of the highlights of this past year for you to praise God with us for His many blessings.

January 2013

We flew to Denver to be at the new installation of our mission’s new President. We love Jeff and are so glad that he was chosen and he is doing a good job for the mission.


One of the other blessing of going to Denver is that we get to see our daughter Kara and her husband Nick. We went to the Celestial Seasoning Tea company and had a tour. I love teas and we got to try as many as we wanted of their teas.



Life and work in Phoenix. Kent coached a ton of people this spring. Most of his coachees are going full time. So there is a lot of excitement and hard work in these new missionary candidates. I continue to volunteer at Arizona Christian University in gardening. Here is what my flowers looked like.


We also had some long time friends visit in February with their 4 dogs.



Kent and I represented WorldVenture at Biola University in Los Angeles area. What a good week of mission connections. We met a ton of students interested in serving the Lord in missions.


We also got to re-connect with a first cousin of Kent’s and two couples that are friends and have been ministry partners for 30 years . We are so grateful for friends like this.



Besides the ongoing ministry and volunteer responsibilities in April,  we flew once again to Portland, Oregon for a Mission Pastors and wives retreat.


While we were there we also got to see Kent’s only sister Leann and husband Ken.  Fun times.



We had the great privilege to go to Great Britain and see so much of it. This was an especially “looked forward to” trip. Kent and I have thought of going there for over 10 years.  When my (Jan’s) mother’s estate was settled and using free flights because of flight miles, well it made it possible. What a very special time it was! We were there for our 38th Wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday. I felt her presence as we so enjoyed it all. As a last gift to me(and Kent) from her. Very, very treasured times!

We so many things. Three highlights from that trip are:  We met some very special people. Here is one of the couples: Ivette and Jeff  that celebrated their 30th anniversary on our bus tour together.


We got to go to “Evening prayers” at Westminster Abbey in London. Awesome building and service too. No pictures inside during the service but here is one from outside.


We also saw loads of flowers. Lots of gardens that were free and flowers everywhere. This was taken at the garden outside of Kensington Palace. Beautiful!



We traveled in our RV house to the east coast to visit and thank all the wonderful, faithful ministry partners that we have had for 35 years. We started out in Arizona and had stops in Colorado, Nebraska,  Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We saw Kara our daughter as we passed through Denver  and also we had a week with our son Josh , Teresa and 7 year old Silas.



We got to see tons of supporters and dear long time friends that we love.



Kent preaching in a supporting church.


We parked our RV house in PA for July and August and took our little car for trips to in Northern PA, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Kent was speaking every Sunday and one Sunday four times on a Sunday morning.


We were able to get to see all the people who sponsor us financially and many others as well. Kent was still coaching new missionaries as well.  He had meetings with several that are potential candidates for the mission as well.

Here is a long time friend who was a missionary from age 65 -90. She is living in PA now and closer to family. We went out to lunch and had some fun time laughing.

2013-08-07 13.01.59

In July we also got to re-connect with some long time friends of my (Jan’s) family. My family has known this family since before I was born. Many of them got together when we were able to visit with them in New Jersey. One family hosted us in their “shore” house which thankfully was still standing after Storm Sandy. It was a privilege to see this family again. Here I am in the middle of the gathering.



After visiting many supporters  the end of August found us moving our RV house to Kentucky. We got to park at Kent’s brother’s business in rural Kentucky. We so enjoyed seeing their family over Labor Day weekend and seeing Kent’s brother more as we came and went. Here is Ron and his family.



We again left our RV parked and went in our car to see supporters in Southern Virginia, Eastern Tennessee, and North Carolina on a really good trip.




 We also got to see some newer friends that we met who also used to live in a RV and now live in a new house in North Carolina.


New Experience  in September

I(Jan) then set off for a first time experience. I flew to New Hampshire to share at a Ladies retreat. I have flown with Kent before but never have I done that all on my own.  I know that God used what I shared in the lives of those ladies as many came and talked with me afterwards.  God used this sharing in my life more than I can say for me as well. I came home tired but renewed too!

From this picture you can see that Camp Monadnock is not the only camp on this road.

The scenery and history of this area also was a treat to experience.



Another trip in September

The next week both of us flew to Denver for meetings with our SouthWest Team. That was a fun and productive time as well. Flying back to our RV house we then packed up and moved the RV through St Louis and on to Kansas City, Missouri. That was the last week of September.


We parked our RV house again on a friend’s side yard. We had lived in KC for 9 years so had lots of friends to catch up with. We had some very special visits with these long time friends from the first night parked here.



Another Flying trip in October

We also flew to Portland, Oregon for two different conferences.  Kent was interviewed at teh one conference. Also we got to see Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken while at these conferences. We even had one day to go and enjoy the sunshine and see Mt Hood in the background.



In addition we went to visit Kent’s parents in Washington as well. We got to help with gardening and lawn mowing and whatever they needed.  We got to see Kent’s niece and her new house.


We had our second conference to be a part of. This is one that we have been a part of  for the past few years called Seattle Mission Fest. Many of the churches of Seattle come together to hold an all city mission conference. It was a good conference. Then flying bak to our RV house in Kansas City, MO. We were able to connect with some more old time friends.



Fall colors starting to show.

We had said goodbye but that night it rained a long hard rain..and we were parked on grass and felt we should stay put for at least a day with out rain for things to dry out a bit. And that day was my birthday…so we went around KC doing all kinds of things for free! I was grateful we didn’t have to move on my birthday, this was way more fun!



We went to visit a first cousin of Kent’s in Arkansas. That was a fun visit. We have not seen her for over 30 years. The fall color was beautiful as we drove through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Panhandle of Texas and New Mexico and finally arriving in Phoenix on November 12th.



As we then wound our way towards Phoenix, AZ. We arrived on November 12th. But several days before we got a call from Kent’s sister that Mom and Dad Reimer had been in a car accident. They were in the hospital and Mom in ICU. After three weeks they were both home. We were so grateful. Our daughter Kara went to help them and sister LeAnn and was there for three weeks. Here is a picture of them after while recuperating at home.



Kent and I were back in the same place to park our Rv in Phoenix.Kent started back full time coaching and I started doing the volunteer gardening at Arizona Christian University.  We were very glad to be settled for awhile.

For Christmas all our family went to Denver where Kara and Nick hosted us. We all had a GREAT family time together. We spoiled 8 year old Silas and just enjoyed hanging out together.




We are so grateful for the wonderful blessed year that we have had. We pray that you have a wonderful 2014.

Love Jan and Kent for the Roaming Reimers

Delay in plans

January 6, 2014

So Kent and I had flights to return to Phoenix on December 30th. BUT our flight was cancelled just as we were leaving to go to the airport. Well that is why you give the airline your contact info, right?

Now our original flights were almost free because we had used our flight miles. I was accepting the new reservation and not even thinking about getting anything for my delay when our daughter spoke up and then Kent reminded me to ask…So I spent 3-4 hours on the phone to get a new flight and then waiting to get some compensation for a two day delay in returning to Phoenix.

After all those hours waiting on  the speaker phone and on hold most of that time.  In the end I was able to hold on long enough that they actually gave us a flight voucher for $150 towards another flight for each of us. Well, flying to Denver we often do several times a year so that is great. So God gave us a little gift and who knows how He will want us to use that.

We spent two more days with our daughter and son-in-law including New Year’s Eve. That was lots of fun! It is good to be home again in Phoenix too.

Both of us back to work and enjoying it.  Happy NEW Year to you!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Christmas in Denver

January 1, 2014

All of our family got together in Denver for Christmas. Yeah!! We had a great time! It was 2 years ago that we were all together for Christmas. Kent and I get to see both families at different times but we have not all been together since Christmas 2011. So this was a very precious family time visit!

Kent and I and our son Josh, Teresa and  8 year old Silas all arrived on Christmas eve day. Kara had a live Christmas tree that she and Nick had been able to cut down themselves. She left our family ornaments out for us to put on together.


That was fun and loads of memories in doing that together. Silas enjoyed it too!


Kara also had all of our stockings hanging at the fireplace.  I made most of these but although I did make one for Nick, he likes the one his own mother painstakingly made for him. That is why it is so different from the others. Nick’s is the white one that is seventh from left side and  there is one for “Bean” our grand cat..that is the last one with the red paw print on it.


Another blessing was the great, warm weather, with temps in the high 50s with lots of sunshine most of the days.  Christmas day we went for a walk and played at an outside park and even got our family picture taken. No coats, fun since everyone assumes that Denver is sooo cold. It is sometimes but often surprises you!


Teresa and I tried to help Kara in the kitchen but Kara was so organized it didn’t take much. We all were glad for a low key Christmas and tried to keep things a bit easier so we could all enjoy everyone. We did enjoyed Kara’s new kitchen.


Nick had put up the backsplash for her while she spent three weeks in Washington in November helping Kent’s sister and his parents after their car accident. It looks so nice.


We did a non-traditional feast of cheese fondue and few hours later meat and veggie fondue.   Kara  had made tiramisu, so we had for dessert. It was a yummy lighter meal which was just what we all wanted.


On the day after Christmas Nick, Kara, Josh, Teresa and Silas all went skiing. Kent and I stayed in the warm lodge. They all had a great time skiing together.



The next day as still very warm and  pretty, so we went to downtown Denver where there was a small ice rink and skating was free. Most of us went, although my legs got tired fairly quickly. Teresa and Silas stayed on the rink the longest and Silas really got the hang of it for his first time.


Teresa and Kara having a little talk in the middle of it all.


Nick and Kara helping Silas


Warm enough to not even have our coats on.


Uncle Nick and Silas had lots of fun too.


Grandpa and Silas enjoyed many moments of fun too!


One of our last days together we went to the Celestial Seasoning Tea factory in Boulder. most of us like teas and this is a short tour but you can try as many of their teas as you want.  Even Silas got into trying a tea.


Grandma sure enjoyed all the time we had together too. Can you see how much Silas is growing up so fast? This is why we enjoy these precious moments!!


Josh, Teresa and Silas went home and are back to their lives. Kent and I will be home soon too. What good memories and lots of love in these days!

The Reimer Family wishes all of you many happy family memories in 2014.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers