Christmas in Denver

All of our family got together in Denver for Christmas. Yeah!! We had a great time! It was 2 years ago that we were all together for Christmas. Kent and I get to see both families at different times but we have not all been together since Christmas 2011. So this was a very precious family time visit!

Kent and I and our son Josh, Teresa and  8 year old Silas all arrived on Christmas eve day. Kara had a live Christmas tree that she and Nick had been able to cut down themselves. She left our family ornaments out for us to put on together.


That was fun and loads of memories in doing that together. Silas enjoyed it too!


Kara also had all of our stockings hanging at the fireplace.  I made most of these but although I did make one for Nick, he likes the one his own mother painstakingly made for him. That is why it is so different from the others. Nick’s is the white one that is seventh from left side and  there is one for “Bean” our grand cat..that is the last one with the red paw print on it.


Another blessing was the great, warm weather, with temps in the high 50s with lots of sunshine most of the days.  Christmas day we went for a walk and played at an outside park and even got our family picture taken. No coats, fun since everyone assumes that Denver is sooo cold. It is sometimes but often surprises you!


Teresa and I tried to help Kara in the kitchen but Kara was so organized it didn’t take much. We all were glad for a low key Christmas and tried to keep things a bit easier so we could all enjoy everyone. We did enjoyed Kara’s new kitchen.


Nick had put up the backsplash for her while she spent three weeks in Washington in November helping Kent’s sister and his parents after their car accident. It looks so nice.


We did a non-traditional feast of cheese fondue and few hours later meat and veggie fondue.   Kara  had made tiramisu, so we had for dessert. It was a yummy lighter meal which was just what we all wanted.


On the day after Christmas Nick, Kara, Josh, Teresa and Silas all went skiing. Kent and I stayed in the warm lodge. They all had a great time skiing together.



The next day as still very warm and  pretty, so we went to downtown Denver where there was a small ice rink and skating was free. Most of us went, although my legs got tired fairly quickly. Teresa and Silas stayed on the rink the longest and Silas really got the hang of it for his first time.


Teresa and Kara having a little talk in the middle of it all.


Nick and Kara helping Silas


Warm enough to not even have our coats on.


Uncle Nick and Silas had lots of fun too.


Grandpa and Silas enjoyed many moments of fun too!


One of our last days together we went to the Celestial Seasoning Tea factory in Boulder. most of us like teas and this is a short tour but you can try as many of their teas as you want.  Even Silas got into trying a tea.


Grandma sure enjoyed all the time we had together too. Can you see how much Silas is growing up so fast? This is why we enjoy these precious moments!!


Josh, Teresa and Silas went home and are back to their lives. Kent and I will be home soon too. What good memories and lots of love in these days!

The Reimer Family wishes all of you many happy family memories in 2014.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Christmas in Denver”

  1. LuAnn Says:

    Denver is lovely no matter what time of year you visit but time with family over the holidays looked magical for the two of you. Glad you had such a restful Christmas after the tragic accident with Kent’s folks. Hope they are doing much better. Many blessings to you and your family for 2014. 🙂


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Yes, it was very special time! We love seeing our adult kids get to know the sister and brother in-laws better. It is always fun to interact with our grandson. And he loved staying with grandpa and grandma.


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