Another trip to Portland, Oregon plus

2 weeks ago, Kent and I flew to Portland, Oregon for another missions conference. But before going to the conference we went a few days earlier to drive to see his parents. We had not seen them personally since their accident. It was good to be able to see them and how they are recuperating. We and they are so grateful for the prayers on their behalf. They are in their own home and doing most of their own chores. We are also so grateful for Kent’s sister LeAnn as she continues to travel back and forth between her house and theirs and that is a 5 hour drive. God has been so gracious in all of this.


After our visit we then drove back to Portland for the missions conference. It was a good and busy missions conference.


We got to stay with Ken and LeAnn while attending this conference.

On Sunday we flew out to Denver for our WorldVenture’s annual Renewal conference. We got to stay with Kara and Nick while we attended this conference.  The conference is designed as a time of renewal and refreshment for our foreign missionaries on home assignment  but all of the staff from Headquarters is also included. We love the 2 days of prayer and praise and then hearing from various people to sharpen our focus and encourage our hearts. Kent and I always come away refreshed in spirit and tired in body as it is a very busy week. This year we had more leadership transitions. We are so grateful for the people that God has placed in WorldVenture and how they are looking to HIm for their focus.


Then we got to spend the weekend with our daughter and son in law again. We always enjoy these special times. Nick was busy preparing for a presentation so Kara took Kent and I to Breckenridge, Colorado for their annual ice sculpture contest. Kara and Nick have gone before and it sounded like a fun thing to do. It is a 2 hour drive from Denver but well worth it. Here is the link to the Breckenridge Ice Sculpture contest for you to peruse.

Here are some of the ones we saw this year.


There is a sign and  the design in front of the sculpture which tells the country the team is from as well. I really liked this one, it had a lot of details. I had not realized that teams came from all over the world.


IMG_1467IMG_6722This one with the musical sign was one of my favorites.

After seeing the sculptures we went for a delicious crepe at a local outdoor place. We had to wait almost an hour but they were really good! We so enjoyed the day with Kara.

Kara and Kent have always been close and it was fun seeing them have fun together again.


After the seeing the sculptures, we went on the gondola to see a view of the city. Beautiful..but my pictures weren’t… Kent did take this one of Kara and I on the gondola. Fun times!


 In the evening we  all went out to celebrate Kent’s upcoming birthday. Nick had some wings and we all got to share with him.


We love having these special times with our family when in town for the mission. We are now back home in our RV house in Phoenix, Arizona. And glad to be home again!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

I am trying to position the pics in new ways…something new. A friend of  mine seems to do a much better job. I will have to learn.

3 Responses to “Another trip to Portland, Oregon plus”

  1. LuAnn Says:

    So glad to hear that Kent’s folks are doing so well and that you got some time with family. Happy upcoming birthday to Kent! 🙂


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      HI Luann. Thanks for your kind words. Yes we did have a good visit. I love your blog but have been having trouble when I try to problem. But I did want to say how much I love it. You make me want to come there for a visit..someday..But we are soo glad for you two after the strenuous and difficult year that you have had to have this relaxing time. Enjoy!!


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