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We went camping

February 21, 2014

Yes, we still do some camping even though we always take our house with us.  Kara our daughter says we aren’t truly camping..but I like what we do.

Two other couples, us and my niece Jana all took our RVs and went to the White Tank Mountain regional park. It is about an hour drive from where we normally park in Northeast Phoenix.

We did have electric and water hookup so not very isolated. It is a nice desert area though. We have never camped that near so many Saguaro(pronounced Sue-wa ro) cacti before. That is this type…usually the one most people think of when they think of cactus.


We went on Thursday afternoon and came home on Sunday. We got a lot of visiting done.





We took hikes in the desert and up the one short mountain trail to the waterfall…No water now due to so little rain.


But the white granite rock walls are why they call this area a White Tank Mountains.



We had camp fires and smores. Jana had bought these HUGE Marshmallows and the smores were big then! But fun! Here I am getting ready to roast my first one. Kent trying to get his mouth around them…and Jana roasting hers.




Someone…(Not me) got a sunrise shot.  I wasn’t up that early…after all this was a little get -a-way…time to sleep in? right? But here is the pretty sunrise..


All in all we had fun! We were so glad that Jana chose to come along. Our friends enjoyed her too and now she too has new friends here in Arizona.

Love, Jan

for the Roaming Reimers

My niece Jana’s vist

February 18, 2014

Jana is my oldest niece, the oldest daughter of my oldest brother. When Jana was born that January a long time ago…it was a great day for me. I became an aunt at 10 years old. We as a family were thrilled to have the first grandchild in the family. Her family lived close to our family and her mother’s family and we all got to see each other a lot. I remember having fun buying Christmas presents for she and her brother as they grew up. It was such  fun to be close by.

In later years I went away to college, married and moved far away. After close to 30 years my brother and sis were divorced. But I was grateful that Jana started visiting Kent and my family in 1990 when she was working for JCPenny as a traveling photographer. We were living in Indiana at the time and I remember she was visiting when our daughter had her birthday in March.

Then we lived in PA where Jana was living and we saw her some while there. Then in 2004, Jana did a cross country trip in a car and she came and stayed with us for a week in Kansas City, Missouri. We had  such a good time then. Each time we got to know her a bit better and she us. And since then every time we traveled through PA, we would  call Jana to arrange a time to see she, her mom and sister, Jen. Here is a picture of Jana and me with our moms.  A special picture now.


Jana’s mom, who I know as “Sis” and my brother divorced many years ago but I loved my sister-in-law and my nieces and would visit them. When Sis was diagnosed with ALS the summer of 2012 and Jana and Jen took care of her at home till her untimely death in Nov 2012. I was unable to go for the funeral and felt badly about missing it.

So this year when Jana bought a RV motorhome as her only home and told us that she was coming to Arizona in the winter…We were delighted. She has had her RV house parked in the same park as us for the last month. We and she have come and gone on trips and we had some together.  We had fun camping and going to Mexico together. She is moving on soon and I will miss her.


Have fun and drive safe on the roads, Jana. Enjoy your adventures!

THANKS for coming to visit us!

Love, your Aunt and Uncle

The Roaming Reimers

I have a great Husband!!

February 16, 2014

I love Valentine’s Day…Kent has gotten me flowers over the years and we usually have a special meal..usually at home because of the crowds. Kent often cooks or we cook together. We were in Trader Joe’s store yesterday and Kent saw the flowers were a good price…He asked me “Do you want some flowers?” I said” Actually I love flowers anytime, but..I would rather have a new bathroom faucet for Valentine’s Day.”

So Saturday Kent went to Home Depot and got the faucet and other pieces that he needed and at this moment he is installing a new bathroom faucet for me. Yeah! Our other faucet we have used for the 6 years we have lived in our house.. I have never really liked it as it had a plastic handle on the top. It just sort of looked cheap to me with that plastic handle and it had broken .




Our plans for the day were to meet up with some dear friends that we know from our days in Alaska, so over 30 years ago. Phil and Jeannie usually come to Arizona in their RV in the winter for a few months. This year they decided to come in their car so they were only here for a couple of weeks. It was fun to see them and hear about their lives this past year.

Kent called his parents and they were going to a church lunch on Saturday for Valentine’s Day. Yeah! That is one of the first things they have gotten to do since they were in the car accident since early November. So that was exciting for them and us too!

I always think of our loved ones on Valentine’s Day. So I was looking through my pictures and IMG_6685I found a cute picture of our grandson Silas that shows his fun personality, it was taken at Christmas time.

Here is an old one of his dad, our son Josh…

Scanned Image 112060030

Here is a cute one of our daughter, Kara

Br Kara-Hat

And I also found this old picture of Kent where he was the speaker at a Valentine’s banquet when we lived in Juneau, Alaska. Did you know that he had a beard?  I do not have little kid pictures of my son-in-law nor our daughter-in-law so could not include them here…sad. I thought you would enjoy these older pictures.


I do pray that you all had a good day and could let your loved ones know it. We are so grateful for all of our family and for every moment we have with them.

Love ,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A dear friend went to heaven this week.

February 13, 2014

I find it hard to really believe that our friend Ed is now in heaven. He had cancer and his battle is now over as he was ushered into heaven this week.


We are not able to be there to comfort and pray with them in this struggle and I have felt particularly sad about that. Why? Because Ed and Judy have been there for us so many times over the years we have known them. I wish I could have been there for them too. they have been friends and prayer warriors and supporters of our ministry for  so many years.

I have known Ed and Judy since I was a teen in my church. I used to know them from afar but in my twenties I got to know them better. When I was pregnant with our son, Joshua I grew to know Judy and Ed and they became friends. They and 3 other couples kind of “adopted” Kent and I when our kids were little. We count them all as dear friends. As dear as a “brother or sister” in the Lord can become.

These pictures are of the group.The ladies,back row: Judy, Millie and Jean, Me and Joyce in the front. All of these dear friends are special! DSCN3842

And the men: Joyce’s husband already was in heaven here. Don in front,Ed is in the green shirt and Kent beside him and Jack in the back.


We traveled with Ed and Judy and Millie and Don first to Branson, MO in 2000. We had so much fun together, that Kent and I encouraged all of them to join us on an explore the west trip. They did that in 2007. Ed wanted us to go to an unusual railroad. We got to do that and enjoyed it tremendously. We also got to go to several mountains in Colorado. We all enjoyed this summit.


Ed and Judy are on the left side here. Ed was an avid hunter and had his own plumbing business. He several times helped us out there too.

I feel sad…for myself and for Ed’s family and all of the friends that will so miss having Ed in their lives.  Ed, we miss you already but we know you are with Jesus in heaven. We will join you someday and in the meantime we have to face life without your presence. God’s grace is there for Ed’s family and for us.

Hug your friends and family as often as you can…


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Saguaro National Park

February 10, 2014

Jana did a terrific job of blogging about our trip to see the Saguaro National Park. By the way you pronounce this Sew-wa-ro. A short a on the middle syllable. This is the type of cactus most of us think of when we think of Arizona. Well as Jana says in her blog they only grow in the Sonoran desert which is in Arizona and northern Mexico. So pretty special. We enjoyed all the desert beauty. Kent and I had been here but not since 1978. So it was a treat for us too. I hope you go and see Jana’s pictures. They are much better than mine. She has a better camera. Hah!
Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers too.

Life In the Great Grape Ape

I visited Saguaro National Park with Aunt Janet and Uncle Kent.  There are two locations of it, an East and West. 


I wanted to see the West, the reviews were better.  I can’t compare, but the West was pretty impressive. 


They grow only in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and Mexico. 



One of the Park guides told us to drive the scenic loop and take a short hike on Signal Hill trail to see the Petroglyphs at the top. 


It was definitely worth the little climb, even just to see the view. 


I like these cacti with the red spikes, they are Christmas colors.




“A wise traveler never despises his own country.” – Carlo Goldoni

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An Old Spanish Mission near Tucson

February 10, 2014

On Saturday we went to see a Spanish mission called “San Xavier Mission” which is about 10 miles from Tucson. This mission was started in 1692 although the church building wasn’t built until 1700’s.


The style of architecture is mostly Baroque with a sense of balance. As you can see they didn’t get the second tower finished as they ran out of money when Spain gave Independence to Mexico.


 It has some pretty tall towers which rise high over the desert floor so can be seen for miles around.  It is still an active Catholic church and the buildings are still in restoration phase which you can see here in the interior picture.


There was a desert garden there that Kent is looking at here.


It is amazing place to visit.

Nearby some enterprising O’Odham Indian peoples were selling lunch.. So we bought Some Indian Fry bread for Jana to try. Good with some cinnamon sugar on it.  Here they are cooking it for us.


More adventures to come.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers


Buy Stuff for People You Hate . . . WHAT!!!

February 10, 2014

My Niece Jana did a great job writing about our trip to Mexico too.

Life In the Great Grape Ape

Aunt Janet and Uncle Kent were my guides on my first foray into Mexico.  We drove down to Nogales, parked and walked across the border.  They didn’t stop us at all, just let us walk right through.  Huh.

Anyway, we wandered around and I bought some neat stuff, after bargaining, of course.  Some of the vendors are very persistent and followed us for a couple of blocks with what they thought I wanted.  I didn’t take any pictures, I just didn’t feel right pulling out my good camera.

There were  a few quotes thrown out that made us laugh:

“Come see my good junk!”

“If we don’t have what you want, we steal it for you!”

And my personal favorite, “Buy stuff for people you hate!”

We had lunch at a street taco stand.  2 pork and 2 beef tacos each and a bottle of soda for Aunt Janet and…

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Kent’s birthday and a Trip to Mexico

February 10, 2014

Two weeks ago Kent had his birthday. It was a birthday worth celebrating. Since my niece was in town as well and she wanted to see Mexico , we did both things. On our way to Mexico we stopped for Kent’s free birthday breakfast at Denny’s.


Then we drove to the border and went across at Nogales. It was the first time for Kent and I to go across at this particular town. It was fun. It was a chance for Jana to see a little of Mexico and for her to get some gifts for family and friends. She had fun bargaining with the shop owners and changing money as well.



We then had lunch of fresh tacos from a street vendor. It was good.


We then went back to the US and stayed at a nice motel for the night in Tucson. Jana had booked us some really nice rooms. When we went into ours..we were surprised as it was huge. And with a big jacuzzi type tub. Well, I had to use that since I do not have a tub in my RV. That was a treat.


Jana shared her sunset view from her room with us. Really pretty sunset!


We decided to go out for dessert to celebrate Kent’s birthday. Kent got a delicious chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. Really good but I decided to have Creme Brulee which is my favorite! Jana had a pretzel as she likes salty things better.


Come back for the the rest of the story.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers