An Old Spanish Mission near Tucson

On Saturday we went to see a Spanish mission called “San Xavier Mission” which is about 10 miles from Tucson. This mission was started in 1692 although the church building wasn’t built until 1700’s.


The style of architecture is mostly Baroque with a sense of balance. As you can see they didn’t get the second tower finished as they ran out of money when Spain gave Independence to Mexico.


 It has some pretty tall towers which rise high over the desert floor so can be seen for miles around.  It is still an active Catholic church and the buildings are still in restoration phase which you can see here in the interior picture.


There was a desert garden there that Kent is looking at here.


It is amazing place to visit.

Nearby some enterprising O’Odham Indian peoples were selling lunch.. So we bought Some Indian Fry bread for Jana to try. Good with some cinnamon sugar on it.  Here they are cooking it for us.


More adventures to come.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers



4 Responses to “An Old Spanish Mission near Tucson”

  1. LuAnn Says:

    We loved touring this mission. Thanks for sharing Jan.


  2. N. Moseley Says:

    I love that first photo of the mission


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