A dear friend went to heaven this week.

I find it hard to really believe that our friend Ed is now in heaven. He had cancer and his battle is now over as he was ushered into heaven this week.


We are not able to be there to comfort and pray with them in this struggle and I have felt particularly sad about that. Why? Because Ed and Judy have been there for us so many times over the years we have known them. I wish I could have been there for them too. they have been friends and prayer warriors and supporters of our ministry for  so many years.

I have known Ed and Judy since I was a teen in my church. I used to know them from afar but in my twenties I got to know them better. When I was pregnant with our son, Joshua I grew to know Judy and Ed and they became friends. They and 3 other couples kind of “adopted” Kent and I when our kids were little. We count them all as dear friends. As dear as a “brother or sister” in the Lord can become.

These pictures are of the group.The ladies,back row: Judy, Millie and Jean, Me and Joyce in the front. All of these dear friends are special! DSCN3842

And the men: Joyce’s husband already was in heaven here. Don in front,Ed is in the green shirt and Kent beside him and Jack in the back.


We traveled with Ed and Judy and Millie and Don first to Branson, MO in 2000. We had so much fun together, that Kent and I encouraged all of them to join us on an explore the west trip. They did that in 2007. Ed wanted us to go to an unusual railroad. We got to do that and enjoyed it tremendously. We also got to go to several mountains in Colorado. We all enjoyed this summit.


Ed and Judy are on the left side here. Ed was an avid hunter and had his own plumbing business. He several times helped us out there too.

I feel sad…for myself and for Ed’s family and all of the friends that will so miss having Ed in their lives.  Ed, we miss you already but we know you are with Jesus in heaven. We will join you someday and in the meantime we have to face life without your presence. God’s grace is there for Ed’s family and for us.

Hug your friends and family as often as you can…


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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