My niece Jana’s vist

Jana is my oldest niece, the oldest daughter of my oldest brother. When Jana was born that January a long time ago…it was a great day for me. I became an aunt at 10 years old. We as a family were thrilled to have the first grandchild in the family. Her family lived close to our family and her mother’s family and we all got to see each other a lot. I remember having fun buying Christmas presents for she and her brother as they grew up. It was such  fun to be close by.

In later years I went away to college, married and moved far away. After close to 30 years my brother and sis were divorced. But I was grateful that Jana started visiting Kent and my family in 1990 when she was working for JCPenny as a traveling photographer. We were living in Indiana at the time and I remember she was visiting when our daughter had her birthday in March.

Then we lived in PA where Jana was living and we saw her some while there. Then in 2004, Jana did a cross country trip in a car and she came and stayed with us for a week in Kansas City, Missouri. We had  such a good time then. Each time we got to know her a bit better and she us. And since then every time we traveled through PA, we would  call Jana to arrange a time to see she, her mom and sister, Jen. Here is a picture of Jana and me with our moms.  A special picture now.


Jana’s mom, who I know as “Sis” and my brother divorced many years ago but I loved my sister-in-law and my nieces and would visit them. When Sis was diagnosed with ALS the summer of 2012 and Jana and Jen took care of her at home till her untimely death in Nov 2012. I was unable to go for the funeral and felt badly about missing it.

So this year when Jana bought a RV motorhome as her only home and told us that she was coming to Arizona in the winter…We were delighted. She has had her RV house parked in the same park as us for the last month. We and she have come and gone on trips and we had some together.  We had fun camping and going to Mexico together. She is moving on soon and I will miss her.


Have fun and drive safe on the roads, Jana. Enjoy your adventures!

THANKS for coming to visit us!

Love, your Aunt and Uncle

The Roaming Reimers

4 Responses to “My niece Jana’s vist”

  1. tammyidobelieve Says:

    Aunt Janet, I’m so glad you both had fun.My family and I really enjoyed Jana’s visit with us. What beautiful pictures!


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Yes, Kent and I both enjoy Jana so much. We love her and all of my nieces and nephews even as we are just getting to know them better as adults. And Jana has come to see us and has reached out to us since 1990. So Uncle Kent knows her much better as well.


  2. Cindy Says:

    What a heartwarming reflection.


  3. June Bennett Says:

    Thank you! Can you please send these to my new address from now on:

    Ta 🙂



    ======================================== Message Received: Feb 19 2014, 04:31 AM


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