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Off the road safely

April 24, 2014

We had a wonderful drive yesterday with almost no wind and beautiful blue skies. YEAH! Thanks to those that prayed for us!! We know that was a gift from God for us.

We did awake to snow, just a light sprinkling on the ground and plenty on the  mountains around us. Now that is a BIG CONTRAST to the 90 degree temperatures we left in Phoenix. So we did have to change our wardrobe and add a blanket or two and some heat..but we were comfortable all the same.






We are visiting friends and are off the road for two days. God has encouraged us to encourage others. And that is what we’re are trying to do.

Have a great day!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers


April 22, 2014

We left our overnight camping place about 10 am. We had slept well because the wind that had been present from the time we stopped died down at sunset. So we slept very well after that stress filled morning. The wind seemed to come back about sunrise and since we had a shorter day we weren’t in a hurry BUT by 9 am felt the wind was stronger and in looking at the weather realized that valley we were in was to get some strong winds.

photo (9)

So we packed up and were down the road. We had wind but it wasn’t so bad and Kent said since it was behind us it was sort of pushing us. So while the wind was strong we were doing fine. We were enjoying the changing scenery with mountains all around us and we even went over a pass that was 7,300 feet. It was a slow ascent that it wasn’t that noticeable. But after the pass we came down on the other side of the mountain into some very pretty scenery again.

photo (6)


We were heading for a place at the very northeastern part of Nevada. At one point the road made a turn and then we had a side wind..I could feel the difference immediately. NOW we had WIND and to me it felt like we could be blown off the road…We are a fairly tall vehicle.  I could tell Kent was struggling to keep us on the road when we got gusts of wind. I started praying out loud that God would please keep us safe on the road.  We had heard the gusts could be as much as 60 mph. I felt we got some of that wind here.

photo (1)

The wind had picked up dust from the farmers fields and we could see places where it was hard to see. We were driving along and now there was a place where we could not see more than 5 feet in any direction. We were both so grateful for the white and yellow lines on the road for it was the only way to see which way to drive.  Kent slowed way down and put on the four way flashers..  About a 1/4 miles and we were out of it again. WHEW!!  We both gave a sigh of relief!  But I was praying all along, some out loud, some quietly.  We drove in that wind about 100 miles.

When we got to the next town…we stopped. We had gotten into some precipitation…was that snow??? Absolutely. The temps had fallen to about 35 degrees and we were still at about 5,700 feet so we now had snow flurries.  Kent knew of a campground in this town and so we found it and went there and got some electricity to get heat and settled in. We had to change our clothes as we both got wet trying to get into our RV parking spot.

You can see the snow on the nearby mountains in this shot taken just outside our RV.

photo (7)

Now we are warm, dry and even had our cup of coffee. The wind is still raging around us BUT we are safe and staying put until this wind is a lot quieter. God must have some purpose in all of this too. We do pray the next few days might be less event filled than these last two. Today most of the day our phones showed NO SERVICE so God only was our protector.

If you pray for us while we are on the road…thanks!!! We have sure needed it!

May God bless you and keep you safe!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Back on the road again…God’s protection

April 21, 2014

Yes, like the song by Willie Nelson, we are “back on the road again!” We love our winters in Arizona but once it starts getting hot, near 100 degrees, we always feel ready to move down the road to cooler climates.

We left Phoenix last Thursday. We went several hundred miles and stopped at an RV park we like. We planned to stay one night but woke up to a lot of wind on Friday so stayed put. I was grateful as I didn’t feel very good that day so we just relaxed all day. Friday we woke up to beautiful skies and no wind.

We drove on to visit family in Nevada. Kent has a uncle Mel and wife Chris and first cousin Karen and husband Tim that we so wanted to visit.

ResizedImage_1398217788927photo (13)

Uncle Mel has Parkinson’s and it definitely was good to see him. We went to church on Saturday night with Karen and tim and Sunday morning to a small church in the area. We all met for a late lunch at 2pm. It was delicious and beautiful.  We had a great time visiting and chatting and reminiscing and catching up. Chris’s grown son and wife and two daughters also were there and we had met them before and really enjoyed them all. the girls were a highlight at 8 and 3.

We visited back at their house after lunch. We went back to our RV house and slept overnight. We planned to leave first thing in the morning. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9 ” The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” Well we are very glad that God planned our day!!

We were all hooked up and ready to go down the road..but the RV spaces were very close together. So as Kent was pulling out I was supposed to watch for stuff to not hit them. I was on the one side and ran over the check the other side when I realized I was too late to stop the truck from going over a smallish curb. As soon as it got over it..I could hear that one of the tires on the RV had a puncture in it. OH….YIKES!

I got Kent to stop the truck quickly and a bit more safely at the entrance to the RV park. He right away called our roadside assistance. They said they would be on their way to help us. In the meantime Kent stepped into the RV to get his ipad….and He smelled a STRONG smell of propane which is what our stove uses. Somehow in closing the slide one of us had bumped one of the dials on the stove and the gas was pouring into the RV… WOW! Kent immediately opened up windows and the door wide and using our fans we pulled the gas out of the RV… But after we did what needed to be done…we realized that could have been very dangerous and if we had not had the FLAT TIRE…we would not have known until it was too late. THANKS GOD for the flat Tire!!!

photo (2)

photo (10)


The guys working on our tire. And putting back on our RV house. Yeah!

We were able to get the spare on and get to a Discount Tire Store and they had a new tire for us. they took the old one off and mounted the new one and put it back on our house and we were down the road in no time. WOW! I am sooo very grateful for all the help the guys at Discount tire did for us. And for the way God spared us yet again. We feel afresh that God still has some things He wants us to do in this life. We are safely off the road at the time of this writing.

BUT Praise God with us today for a flat tires! Who knows how else God can use flat tires?


Jan for the Roaming Reimer


Happy Easter!

April 20, 2014

How many of you love Easter? I love the whole weekend of first remembrance of what Christ did for us and then the triumphal Easter morning. I always awake Easter just looking forward to the entire day no matter what we do. although going to church is a top priority for the day.

Over the years we have done more traditional Christian Easter with early breakfast at church, special service with new bright spring clothes and even some Easter baskets. We are a lot less traditional now that we live in our Rv house.

I always look forward to going to church at Easter. We actually went to church Saturday night as well as Sunday morning. Last night was more like a show and in a huge church that had several Saturday evening services and several Sunday morning services. The pastor did share the gospel message of hope.. That is what Easter is all about more than anything.

Easter Morning we had found a church that supports some of our WorldVenture missionaries, so we thought why not? It was the antithesis of last night. A much smaller church and a quiet friendly group. Again the pastor shared the gospel. They also sang several hymns… But what I miss most is the old rousing hymns we sang that seemed to lift me up. Like: Up From the Grave He Arose! , The old Rugged Cross, and He Lives. I haven’t heard those in any church for so long…the last few years I just decided to sing some on my way to church. This year I found a youtube version of one of those songs. Very simple, but the message is clear.. Christ Arose. I do hope you enjoy it too!

After all the best message in the world is that Jesus Arose from the dead to overcome our sins. How can we not sing about this!

We hope you had a Wonderful blessed Easter!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Friends in Arizona

April 16, 2014

We are so very blessed! We have so many friends all over the United States.  There are some here in Phoenix that we try to keep up with and some that come here in the winter like us. On Valentine’s Day we were able to catch up with Phil and Jeannie. We have known each other since 1980 when we met in SE Alaska. They come to Arizona most winters.


Arlyn and Kris we have known since we were next door neighbors in Kansas City. They always loved our kids and were our best neighbors. It was a special treat to see them this year. Arlyn battled bladder cancer last year. He is looking good.  Arlyn’s sister was in town and joined us.


Over the past 7 winters in Arizona we have gotten to know a lot of people that come and have done volunteer work. This group has changed over the years, but they are a great group of people with a heart for volunteering.  The bigger group was with our other staff that we work with at the college. And the bottom picture is at the Spring training game that the college gave us tickets to go to. We do have lots of fun with this group.


photo 1


  We also have this group of friends from our small group Bible Study. Some of the group is missing in this picture.  We feel very close to these guys. They remain our closest church friends. IMG_3965

IMG_5626 - Version 2

Wayne and Darlene on the right were not in this photo as they do a lot of traveling for their jobs…so I have a picture from when they came to visit us in Seattle a few years ago.

We are privileged to have a lot of friends here and praise God for the many different people we have in our life and no matter where we go they will still be our friends.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Flower Lady

April 15, 2014

For the last 7 winters we have been privileged to stay in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

I(Jan) have been volunteering my gifts as a gardener for a small Christian college here in exchange for our Rv hook up being paid. I sometimes get called the Flower Lady as I work in the flowers most of the time.

I so enjoy what I do here but once the weather starts to get close to 100 degrees, which is usually does toward the end of April, we take off for parts north. Today was my last day for this winter. It was a little sad to say goodbye to my friends here but I look forward to being in the Northwest for the summer.

When I first got to the college in November

After I planted the flowers




The way the flowers look now.



Sometimes I have to dig holes for the bushes that I plant. Here is one of those times.


All done and now growing



My job at the college is to plant and care for flowers and bushes. I do lots of planting. I am trying to get plants to grow that will be less work in the long run. So here is how I do some of the planting.


I also get involved with other jobs when the plants aren’t growing too much. So I do some painting..yes that is me in the funny white suit… I do help organize and clean up the shop area from time to time as well as any other kind of jobs when I don’t have flowers to tend.

Kent has two different areas that he does coaching for. The South West Region and in the summer months the northwest region. So this summer he is going to help out his boss in the Northwest by giving him some time off. Kent will do some training of the staff while there and giving oversight to the office.

We are excited for a busy and fun summer.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A visit to friends in Yuma

April 7, 2014

Two weeks ago. we took off for Yuma, Arizona to visit some dear RVing friends. We met these friends at a RV rally a few years ago while they were still working. Since then Dwain and Debbie have sold everything and moved into their Rv fulltime. They have the same kind of Rv that we have a bit more upgraded and also pull with a white Semi Volvo truck.


Since we met, we have tried to see them at least once a year. We have gone to the desert at least once and when they were in Oregon where Debbie was taking care of a family member, we stopped in to see them there as well. We also all met up this past summer in Indiana. So when your house has wheels, you can meet up in lots of places.

We had called ahead to verify the timing and get their address, when we were told that Dwain was going to be having open heart surgery for a heart valve replacement. Wow! Then we asked should we still come?” Yes, it will be a good distraction.! So we went and had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute.

They  love history and knew we would like the Old Territorial Jail.

Here are some pictures from that. It is an interesting place! We all enjoyed reading the interesting history of this place.




We had a fantastic time with them and Dwain has since had a successful surgery and is recuperating now. We are so grateful for that and for these great friends.




Jan from the Roaming Reimers

Phoenix Botanical Garden

April 6, 2014

Kent and I had a date on Friday night. I had been given some tickets to the local botanical garden. We had only been there once before and these expensive tickets were a real treat!  They were given to us from the Christian college where I volunteer. My niece Jana had gone to the garden when she was here and it sounded fun to see again. It also is having a special exhibit right now of Dale Chuhuly’s glass sculptures. So it was a very fun night.


Purple spears in the Botanical Garden

We went early enough to see all of the desert plants in bloom and see many interesting types of cacti and other desert plants. We also saw the glass sculptures in the daylight.





This blue and white sculpture was in the midst of a lot of cacti in bloom too.

We stopped to see the video of the glass making. So interesting!  Then we watched the sun set



Then toured again to see the glass sculptures lighted in the night. So pretty and I got to enjoy them even more the second time around. Here is the white tower with the purple spears around it. Very different in the dark!



The blue and white sculpture at night.  More dramatic!






This orange and red tower was about 30 feet high. Here it towers over a Saguaro cactus. I could not imagine putting this sculpture together…it must have taken a crane. If you look very closely to the left of the can faintly see the crescent moon as it was coming up as I took this.

After seeing how they make the sculptures, I so much more appreciated them. My phone camera doesn’t capture them nearly as well as I would have liked but you can get the idea.

If you are ever in Phoenix in the winter. I would suggest you see this garden. We had a most pleasant evening and a wonderful date! Thanks ACU!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers.