Phoenix Botanical Garden

Kent and I had a date on Friday night. I had been given some tickets to the local botanical garden. We had only been there once before and these expensive tickets were a real treat!  They were given to us from the Christian college where I volunteer. My niece Jana had gone to the garden when she was here and it sounded fun to see again. It also is having a special exhibit right now of Dale Chuhuly’s glass sculptures. So it was a very fun night.


Purple spears in the Botanical Garden

We went early enough to see all of the desert plants in bloom and see many interesting types of cacti and other desert plants. We also saw the glass sculptures in the daylight.





This blue and white sculpture was in the midst of a lot of cacti in bloom too.

We stopped to see the video of the glass making. So interesting!  Then we watched the sun set



Then toured again to see the glass sculptures lighted in the night. So pretty and I got to enjoy them even more the second time around. Here is the white tower with the purple spears around it. Very different in the dark!



The blue and white sculpture at night.  More dramatic!






This orange and red tower was about 30 feet high. Here it towers over a Saguaro cactus. I could not imagine putting this sculpture together…it must have taken a crane. If you look very closely to the left of the can faintly see the crescent moon as it was coming up as I took this.

After seeing how they make the sculptures, I so much more appreciated them. My phone camera doesn’t capture them nearly as well as I would have liked but you can get the idea.

If you are ever in Phoenix in the winter. I would suggest you see this garden. We had a most pleasant evening and a wonderful date! Thanks ACU!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers.

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2 Responses to “Phoenix Botanical Garden”

  1. Rachel Says:

    so glad you had a good time…your photos were great!


  2. LuAnn Says:

    We love the Desert Botanical Garden. I think I enjoy it most during the Christmas holiday when all the luminaria are lit.


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