Flower Lady

For the last 7 winters we have been privileged to stay in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

I(Jan) have been volunteering my gifts as a gardener for a small Christian college here in exchange for our Rv hook up being paid. I sometimes get called the Flower Lady as I work in the flowers most of the time.

I so enjoy what I do here but once the weather starts to get close to 100 degrees, which is usually does toward the end of April, we take off for parts north. Today was my last day for this winter. It was a little sad to say goodbye to my friends here but I look forward to being in the Northwest for the summer.

When I first got to the college in November

After I planted the flowers




The way the flowers look now.



Sometimes I have to dig holes for the bushes that I plant. Here is one of those times.


All done and now growing



My job at the college is to plant and care for flowers and bushes. I do lots of planting. I am trying to get plants to grow that will be less work in the long run. So here is how I do some of the planting.


I also get involved with other jobs when the plants aren’t growing too much. So I do some painting..yes that is me in the funny white suit… I do help organize and clean up the shop area from time to time as well as any other kind of jobs when I don’t have flowers to tend.

Kent has two different areas that he does coaching for. The South West Region and in the summer months the northwest region. So this summer he is going to help out his boss in the Northwest by giving him some time off. Kent will do some training of the staff while there and giving oversight to the office.

We are excited for a busy and fun summer.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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