Friends in Arizona

We are so very blessed! We have so many friends all over the United States.  There are some here in Phoenix that we try to keep up with and some that come here in the winter like us. On Valentine’s Day we were able to catch up with Phil and Jeannie. We have known each other since 1980 when we met in SE Alaska. They come to Arizona most winters.


Arlyn and Kris we have known since we were next door neighbors in Kansas City. They always loved our kids and were our best neighbors. It was a special treat to see them this year. Arlyn battled bladder cancer last year. He is looking good.  Arlyn’s sister was in town and joined us.


Over the past 7 winters in Arizona we have gotten to know a lot of people that come and have done volunteer work. This group has changed over the years, but they are a great group of people with a heart for volunteering.  The bigger group was with our other staff that we work with at the college. And the bottom picture is at the Spring training game that the college gave us tickets to go to. We do have lots of fun with this group.


photo 1


  We also have this group of friends from our small group Bible Study. Some of the group is missing in this picture.  We feel very close to these guys. They remain our closest church friends. IMG_3965

IMG_5626 - Version 2

Wayne and Darlene on the right were not in this photo as they do a lot of traveling for their jobs…so I have a picture from when they came to visit us in Seattle a few years ago.

We are privileged to have a lot of friends here and praise God for the many different people we have in our life and no matter where we go they will still be our friends.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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