Happy Easter!

How many of you love Easter? I love the whole weekend of first remembrance of what Christ did for us and then the triumphal Easter morning. I always awake Easter just looking forward to the entire day no matter what we do. although going to church is a top priority for the day.

Over the years we have done more traditional Christian Easter with early breakfast at church, special service with new bright spring clothes and even some Easter baskets. We are a lot less traditional now that we live in our Rv house.

I always look forward to going to church at Easter. We actually went to church Saturday night as well as Sunday morning. Last night was more like a show and in a huge church that had several Saturday evening services and several Sunday morning services. The pastor did share the gospel message of hope.. That is what Easter is all about more than anything.

Easter Morning we had found a church that supports some of our WorldVenture missionaries, so we thought why not? It was the antithesis of last night. A much smaller church and a quiet friendly group. Again the pastor shared the gospel. They also sang several hymns… But what I miss most is the old rousing hymns we sang that seemed to lift me up. Like: Up From the Grave He Arose! , The old Rugged Cross, and He Lives. I haven’t heard those in any church for so long…the last few years I just decided to sing some on my way to church. This year I found a youtube version of one of those songs. Very simple, but the message is clear.. Christ Arose. I do hope you enjoy it too!

After all the best message in the world is that Jesus Arose from the dead to overcome our sins. How can we not sing about this!

We hope you had a Wonderful blessed Easter!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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