Back on the road again…God’s protection

Yes, like the song by Willie Nelson, we are “back on the road again!” We love our winters in Arizona but once it starts getting hot, near 100 degrees, we always feel ready to move down the road to cooler climates.

We left Phoenix last Thursday. We went several hundred miles and stopped at an RV park we like. We planned to stay one night but woke up to a lot of wind on Friday so stayed put. I was grateful as I didn’t feel very good that day so we just relaxed all day. Friday we woke up to beautiful skies and no wind.

We drove on to visit family in Nevada. Kent has a uncle Mel and wife Chris and first cousin Karen and husband Tim that we so wanted to visit.

ResizedImage_1398217788927photo (13)

Uncle Mel has Parkinson’s and it definitely was good to see him. We went to church on Saturday night with Karen and tim and Sunday morning to a small church in the area. We all met for a late lunch at 2pm. It was delicious and beautiful.  We had a great time visiting and chatting and reminiscing and catching up. Chris’s grown son and wife and two daughters also were there and we had met them before and really enjoyed them all. the girls were a highlight at 8 and 3.

We visited back at their house after lunch. We went back to our RV house and slept overnight. We planned to leave first thing in the morning. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9 ” The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” Well we are very glad that God planned our day!!

We were all hooked up and ready to go down the road..but the RV spaces were very close together. So as Kent was pulling out I was supposed to watch for stuff to not hit them. I was on the one side and ran over the check the other side when I realized I was too late to stop the truck from going over a smallish curb. As soon as it got over it..I could hear that one of the tires on the RV had a puncture in it. OH….YIKES!

I got Kent to stop the truck quickly and a bit more safely at the entrance to the RV park. He right away called our roadside assistance. They said they would be on their way to help us. In the meantime Kent stepped into the RV to get his ipad….and He smelled a STRONG smell of propane which is what our stove uses. Somehow in closing the slide one of us had bumped one of the dials on the stove and the gas was pouring into the RV… WOW! Kent immediately opened up windows and the door wide and using our fans we pulled the gas out of the RV… But after we did what needed to be done…we realized that could have been very dangerous and if we had not had the FLAT TIRE…we would not have known until it was too late. THANKS GOD for the flat Tire!!!

photo (2)

photo (10)


The guys working on our tire. And putting back on our RV house. Yeah!

We were able to get the spare on and get to a Discount Tire Store and they had a new tire for us. they took the old one off and mounted the new one and put it back on our house and we were down the road in no time. WOW! I am sooo very grateful for all the help the guys at Discount tire did for us. And for the way God spared us yet again. We feel afresh that God still has some things He wants us to do in this life. We are safely off the road at the time of this writing.

BUT Praise God with us today for a flat tires! Who knows how else God can use flat tires?


Jan for the Roaming Reimer


2 Responses to “Back on the road again…God’s protection”

  1. LuAnn Says:

    I believe there are no coincidences in life. Sorry to hear about the flat tire but I shudder to imagine what might have been if not for the flat.


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