We left our overnight camping place about 10 am. We had slept well because the wind that had been present from the time we stopped died down at sunset. So we slept very well after that stress filled morning. The wind seemed to come back about sunrise and since we had a shorter day we weren’t in a hurry BUT by 9 am felt the wind was stronger and in looking at the weather realized that valley we were in was to get some strong winds.

photo (9)

So we packed up and were down the road. We had wind but it wasn’t so bad and Kent said since it was behind us it was sort of pushing us. So while the wind was strong we were doing fine. We were enjoying the changing scenery with mountains all around us and we even went over a pass that was 7,300 feet. It was a slow ascent that it wasn’t that noticeable. But after the pass we came down on the other side of the mountain into some very pretty scenery again.

photo (6)


We were heading for a place at the very northeastern part of Nevada. At one point the road made a turn and then we had a side wind..I could feel the difference immediately. NOW we had WIND and to me it felt like we could be blown off the road…We are a fairly tall vehicle.  I could tell Kent was struggling to keep us on the road when we got gusts of wind. I started praying out loud that God would please keep us safe on the road.  We had heard the gusts could be as much as 60 mph. I felt we got some of that wind here.

photo (1)

The wind had picked up dust from the farmers fields and we could see places where it was hard to see. We were driving along and now there was a place where we could not see more than 5 feet in any direction. We were both so grateful for the white and yellow lines on the road for it was the only way to see which way to drive.  Kent slowed way down and put on the four way flashers..  About a 1/4 miles and we were out of it again. WHEW!!  We both gave a sigh of relief!  But I was praying all along, some out loud, some quietly.  We drove in that wind about 100 miles.

When we got to the next town…we stopped. We had gotten into some precipitation…was that snow??? Absolutely. The temps had fallen to about 35 degrees and we were still at about 5,700 feet so we now had snow flurries.  Kent knew of a campground in this town and so we found it and went there and got some electricity to get heat and settled in. We had to change our clothes as we both got wet trying to get into our RV parking spot.

You can see the snow on the nearby mountains in this shot taken just outside our RV.

photo (7)

Now we are warm, dry and even had our cup of coffee. The wind is still raging around us BUT we are safe and staying put until this wind is a lot quieter. God must have some purpose in all of this too. We do pray the next few days might be less event filled than these last two. Today most of the day our phones showed NO SERVICE so God only was our protector.

If you pray for us while we are on the road…thanks!!! We have sure needed it!

May God bless you and keep you safe!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

3 Responses to “A VERY WINDY Day!”

  1. mnwool Says:

    i marked LIKE on your post not because of your ordeal but because you are safe and ok. I can not imagine driving in winds like that.


  2. Rachel Says:

    We’re so glad that the same God who was in charge of the winds when the disciples were in a storm on the lake, is the same God that is in charge of the wind on the highway. Praise God for His Protection and thank You Lord that we know you will be in charge again tomorrow and the next day and the next day, etc…….


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