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A hike in the forest and a falls

May 31, 2014

Last weekend Kent’s sister LeAnn invited us to accompany her hiking group to hike to Ramona Falls. She really liked this falls and the hike and thought it should be a hike we could do. I was the one that wasn’t too sure about it but we got ready and Ken LeAnn’s husband is laid off work right now so he also could go with us. We went with 6 others.

We first drove about 1 hour  south into Oregon and got to the trailhead on a bit of rough road but not too bad.  Our closest town was called ZigZag and another one nearby was Rhododendron. We registered our group as being in the park and on the trail and took off.



We had thought it to be around a 7 mile hike, but Kent’s GPS said 8.8 miles by the time we were done, also we ascended over 2,000 feet to get to the falls.  But it was a good hike and not too strenuous as the ascension was so gradual. We enjoyed the others in the group as well and kept up with everyone. I was surprised to not even be sore the next day.


Ramona Falls is beautiful and I loved the forest too.



Ramona Falls behind the trees



LeAnn was a bit disappointed that by the time we arrived there it was raining a light misty rain. So we didn’t get to see the falls with the sunshine on it. Maybe another time.

But I so enjoyed the walk through the trees and along the water and didn’t mind the drop off edges by the river either.  The group was all people over 55 and so we walked together well and stopped to rest every one in awhile. It was a fun and thankfully uneventful day. One of our group did take a tumble but thankfully was not hurt.

A few more forest pics




God has created many beautiful places and here in the Pacific Northwest is some of the most beautiful places we have seen. If you have never traveled to the Pacific Northwest we suggest you do, it is one of our favorite locations.  Very pretty especially in the summer months when it rains less. By the way, I did not need to edit these pictures, it is just that GREEN!

I hope you have some beautiful places to go to and sense God’s presence more.  This was one of those places for us.

Love, jan

For the Roaming Reimers


We are settled!

May 30, 2014

We are off the road and settled, near Portland, Oregon.  It took us two weeks to find a  place for us to park for the summer. We had a temporary place but knew we needed to find something more long term. We are in a mobile home park that has a few spots for RVs. We have been here 3 weeks and love it. We are about 11 miles from the office that Kent goes to during the week. And about 1 mile from Kent’s sister LeAnn and Ken her husband. That is nice.

I was excited because I saw there was a little area of dirt that had nothing planted in it. Yeah! I could think of what to put in there… Flowers.   And I found some pots from various places and even planted a tomato, basil, some lettuce, onions and spinach. So I even have a little garden. Yeah! LeAnn has a small garden at her apt and so had me thinking of it.

Before planting:
IMG_6941                    After planting and adding a hanging basket



Kent officially took over his summer responsibilities as Interim NorthWest director for WorldVenture last Tuesday. He has people to oversee and to help. He hopes to give them training to better know how to coach individuals into missions ministry with WorldVenture too. But he does have the office responsibilities as well.

This past Sunday we went to a church where a couple that Kent is coaching goes. We so enjoyed being with this couple, Brad and Sara and 14 month old Camden.

IMG_0597        IMG_0587

It was a very fun church to attend. A smaller historic country church with the cemetery right beside it. The pastor is a dedicated man of God and we were also impressed with his family that we met. I appreciated the pastor’s message.  They sang some hymns and some contemporary songs. I sensed God’s presence and unity in this church. Very encouraging day. They had a barbeque and we stayed and visited some more. Brad and Sara just enjoyed hanging out too.

So you can see we are settled  in here and enjoying being here in life and ministries.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers


Our Wedding Anniversary

May 22, 2014


Last Friday, Kent and I celebrated our 39th Wedding Anniversary. Image I  have to admit that 39 years still sounds as if it should be my parents  or Kent’s and not us. But when I    look around at our friends and  our grown adult children…I know it is us.  I love any reason to    celebrate life.

Kent had taken the whole day off, that was a treat in itself. Kent had picked out a local diner that had  a good reputation online to have a good breakfast. So    “Breakfast at Valerie’s” was the place.  Apparently they had just gotten an award for the best breakfast in  area. So off we went to check it out.  It was a good American type diner.  The food was good and the staff  very attentive and friendly. I got  the french toast and Kent got a 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and two pancakes  meal. Both were delicious  and quickly served up and hot. We had mentioned to the waitress that is was an  wedding anniversary  and she surprised us with a strawberry shortcake for dessert on the house. How very  sweet! It was a  good start to the day for sure!

Then after that big breakfast we needed a walk!!  We walked the Lacamas Heritage Trail before with Kent’s sister and husband but this time we walked the entire length 3.5 miles, twice. That was over 7 miles and we felt good afterwards.  Here is their website:  There are a ton of trails for hiking in this area and we do want to explore them. This was a walk along some very tall evergreens and along wetlands where the mallard ducks were starting to nest for the season. The lupine wildflowers here were in bloom as well. We had a very pleasant hike here.

Image                   ImageImage

We went home for a shower and then off again to the International Rose Test Garden in Portland. Since I love flowers and the gardens are in bloom this was a was the price for admission..Free! I was pretty excited but we both were just a bit disappointed as the roses were just starting to bloom. They will be much prettier in a week or so. But we did find some beautiful ones as we strolled around.

  Image    Image   Image

  We had decided to go to a Mid eastern type restaurant for dinner. We had looked at several online and had the address for one but once we looked at the traffic report… We changed our minds. We found an Iranian restaurant in downtown Portland. Since that was where we were, we went to see what it looked like. The Persian house was just what we wanted. We walked in and found the place had atmosphere. So we liked that right away. The waitress was Iranian and family to the owner and was so friendly and helpful.  She helped us pick out some different food. We had an appetizer of eggplant and onions with delicious spices.Picture on left side. I got the Steak kabob with saffron rice, in the middle. Kent got the Spinach and Prune lentil dish with rice on the right. Of course there was delicious fresh pita bread. We each tasted the other’s dish to get even more variety. All of it was so delicious. And the waitress even brought us baklava for dessert as well.

Eggplant appetizer    Image    Image

This meal was a highlight for both of us. We enjoyed reminiscing and just being together in a nice restaurant. The atmosphere here was so comfortable and the waitress so attentive and encouraging us to enjoy ourselves and she even took our picture!

Their website is:

With the evenings being so long here in the Northwest we sat and watched the people passing by and the sun setting in the city. Pretty and a very enjoyable day!


God has blessed us in these 39 years of marriage. We both have learned to be better spouses and to relax and enjoy life a bit more. We both love to work beside each other as we have over the years in  ministry as well as around our homes.  We are so grateful for the two wonderful adult children God gave to us, for their christian lives, marriages and christian spouses and for the wonderful grandson that we have. We have so many blessings also in our life’s work and ministry. God has used us individually and as a couple for His work. We ask God to keep us close to Him as we want to celebrate many more wedding anniversaries and much more in life together.

Praising God for His Faithfulness to us and very thankful for my loving, and faithful husband of 39 years!!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Mother’s Day reflections

May 14, 2014

On Mother’s Day I would naturally think of my own mom. And I was this past week. Last week this happened to me, it was raining all day and we were not sure yet where we were going to settle, and I was feeling a little “blue” all day. I really wondered was why I was feeling sad..but. Kara, our daughter called and we talked and that helped but I was still puzzling at why I felt that way..

We got together that afternoon for a hike with Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband, Ken.  LeAnn mentioned the date…May 7th OHHH, that was my mom’s birthday. She would have been 93. My subconscious remembered even as I hadn’t thought of it. So then I felt better. I realized I was just missing my mother. I still do almost every day.

Scanned Image 132330009

Then Mother’s Day this Sunday… so I was thinking of several mothers. I was thinking of Teresa our daughter-in-law who is a great mother to our grandson 8 year old Silas.


I was thinking of my mother-in-law Alyce who has come back from their car accident in November but is still struggling with some issues. I had just been to visit them (a 5 hour drive one way from where we are living), and I had a pretty good visit. I got to help dad with the garden and some weeding in flower beds around the house. I bought some flowers and planted them so Mom could enjoy them.

Reimer2012 002




I was thinking of another mother-to-be that I know. She is a first time mother and is unexpectedly expecting. She is doing great but adjusting to thinking about a coming baby.

I was thinking of all the ‘mothers’  that God put into my life over the years to influence me for good and to show me how to be a better mother. Eleanor now 95 and has struggles of her own. She was so influential in my life!  She became a missionary to Alaska when she was 65 and a widow. I talked to her today and she just had a wonderful visit with her daughter. I got to see her last summer when this picture was taken..

2013-08-07 13.01.59

There are two Betty’s that God placed in my life to encourage and pray for me and to generally just help keep me on the right path. This Betty has been like a mother to me. She is a real prayer warrior too.




There are four friends, that have upheld me through thick and thin from my home church. All of these dear ladies have been a godly example to me.  I have been so blessed by  all these women who taught me much about motherhood. They all have different ways of “mothering” but I learned so much from each one. And I count them each as a very dear friend!


Me and my four special friends.

Of course,  I was also thinking of our own children and the blessing that they both have been to me.  I can still remember what it felt like to hold them the first time. So precious!  Josh, our son and oldest was so premature that we almost lost him.  We praise God that he survived and he has been such a blessing in our lives.

Josh-June '80-9






Kara was born 2 years later and I am so grateful for both of them and all they have taught me and all the joy they brought to my life and continue to!



Lastly I (and my husband Kent) couldn’t stop without thinking of our very precious grandson, Silas, who is now 8 years old. He is our son Josh and Teresa’s son. We treasure the time we have together! This picture is a few years ago but such a fun time!




I had a good Mother’s Day. We did not get to be with our kids,  BUT we all got on our computers and “saw” each other and talked together. That was a treat!


Then Kent and I and Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken went to a beautiful rhododendron garden. We had so much fun taking lots of pictures. I do enjoy the northwest and all it’s springtime beauty! Here are a few pics for you to enjoy!



These are all rhododendrons of many different varieties.



 LeAnn looking closely at the blossoms


These are really rhododendrons bushes but look like trees!

Many more pictures…too many to include but I thought you would like to see the beauty of Spring in the Northwest.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers