Our Wedding Anniversary


Last Friday, Kent and I celebrated our 39th Wedding Anniversary. Image I  have to admit that 39 years still sounds as if it should be my parents  or Kent’s and not us. But when I    look around at our friends and  our grown adult children…I know it is us.  I love any reason to    celebrate life.

Kent had taken the whole day off, that was a treat in itself. Kent had picked out a local diner that had  a good reputation online to have a good breakfast. So    “Breakfast at Valerie’s” was the place.  Apparently they had just gotten an award for the best breakfast in  area. So off we went to check it out.  It was a good American type diner.  The food was good and the staff  very attentive and friendly. I got  the french toast and Kent got a 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and two pancakes  meal. Both were delicious  and quickly served up and hot. We had mentioned to the waitress that is was an  wedding anniversary  and she surprised us with a strawberry shortcake for dessert on the house. How very  sweet! It was a  good start to the day for sure!

Then after that big breakfast we needed a walk!!  We walked the Lacamas Heritage Trail before with Kent’s sister and husband but this time we walked the entire length 3.5 miles, twice. That was over 7 miles and we felt good afterwards.  Here is their website:  http://www.traillink.com/trail/lacamas-heritage-trail.aspx  There are a ton of trails for hiking in this area and we do want to explore them. This was a walk along some very tall evergreens and along wetlands where the mallard ducks were starting to nest for the season. The lupine wildflowers here were in bloom as well. We had a very pleasant hike here.

Image                   ImageImage

We went home for a shower and then off again to the International Rose Test Garden in Portland. Since I love flowers and the gardens are in bloom this was a perfect..as was the price for admission..Free! I was pretty excited but we both were just a bit disappointed as the roses were just starting to bloom. They will be much prettier in a week or so. But we did find some beautiful ones as we strolled around.

  Image    Image   Image

  We had decided to go to a Mid eastern type restaurant for dinner. We had looked at several online and had the address for one but once we looked at the traffic report… We changed our minds. We found an Iranian restaurant in downtown Portland. Since that was where we were, we went to see what it looked like. The Persian house was just what we wanted. We walked in and found the place had atmosphere. So we liked that right away. The waitress was Iranian and family to the owner and was so friendly and helpful.  She helped us pick out some different food. We had an appetizer of eggplant and onions with delicious spices.Picture on left side. I got the Steak kabob with saffron rice, in the middle. Kent got the Spinach and Prune lentil dish with rice on the right. Of course there was delicious fresh pita bread. We each tasted the other’s dish to get even more variety. All of it was so delicious. And the waitress even brought us baklava for dessert as well.

Eggplant appetizer    Image    Image

This meal was a highlight for both of us. We enjoyed reminiscing and just being together in a nice restaurant. The atmosphere here was so comfortable and the waitress so attentive and encouraging us to enjoy ourselves and she even took our picture!

Their website is:http://www.yelp.com/biz/persian-house-restaurant-portland-2

With the evenings being so long here in the Northwest we sat and watched the people passing by and the sun setting in the city. Pretty and a very enjoyable day!


God has blessed us in these 39 years of marriage. We both have learned to be better spouses and to relax and enjoy life a bit more. We both love to work beside each other as we have over the years in  ministry as well as around our homes.  We are so grateful for the two wonderful adult children God gave to us, for their christian lives, marriages and christian spouses and for the wonderful grandson that we have. We have so many blessings also in our life’s work and ministry. God has used us individually and as a couple for His work. We ask God to keep us close to Him as we want to celebrate many more wedding anniversaries and much more in life together.

Praising God for His Faithfulness to us and very thankful for my loving, and faithful husband of 39 years!!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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3 Responses to “Our Wedding Anniversary”

  1. LuAnn Says:

    Happy anniversary to the two of you. What a lovely couple! 🙂


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Thanks LuAnn. We did have a fun day celebrating in a new town! I love your blogs too. I especially loved the one I read yesterday about the monuments in DC. We watched the DC Memorial Day celebration re broadcast last night on PBS with songs, tributes and even a prayer. Very nice! I love the DC area and all the museums. Enjoy your time there!


      • LuAnn Says:

        We watched that PBS special as well last night and wished we could be there. It is a special city but I must admit I will be excited when we head back west, where my heart is. 🙂


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