We are settled!

We are off the road and settled, near Portland, Oregon.  It took us two weeks to find a  place for us to park for the summer. We had a temporary place but knew we needed to find something more long term. We are in a mobile home park that has a few spots for RVs. We have been here 3 weeks and love it. We are about 11 miles from the office that Kent goes to during the week. And about 1 mile from Kent’s sister LeAnn and Ken her husband. That is nice.

I was excited because I saw there was a little area of dirt that had nothing planted in it. Yeah! I could think of what to put in there… Flowers.   And I found some pots from various places and even planted a tomato, basil, some lettuce, onions and spinach. So I even have a little garden. Yeah! LeAnn has a small garden at her apt and so had me thinking of it.

Before planting:
IMG_6941                    After planting and adding a hanging basket



Kent officially took over his summer responsibilities as Interim NorthWest director for WorldVenture last Tuesday. He has people to oversee and to help. He hopes to give them training to better know how to coach individuals into missions ministry with WorldVenture too. But he does have the office responsibilities as well.

This past Sunday we went to a church where a couple that Kent is coaching goes. We so enjoyed being with this couple, Brad and Sara and 14 month old Camden.

IMG_0597        IMG_0587

It was a very fun church to attend. A smaller historic country church with the cemetery right beside it. The pastor is a dedicated man of God and we were also impressed with his family that we met. I appreciated the pastor’s message.  They sang some hymns and some contemporary songs. I sensed God’s presence and unity in this church. Very encouraging day. They had a barbeque and we stayed and visited some more. Brad and Sara just enjoyed hanging out too.

So you can see we are settled  in here and enjoying being here in life and ministries.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers


2 Responses to “We are settled!”

  1. mnwool Says:

    Congrats looks like a great place


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