A hike in the forest and a falls

Last weekend Kent’s sister LeAnn invited us to accompany her hiking group to hike to Ramona Falls. She really liked this falls and the hike and thought it should be a hike we could do. I was the one that wasn’t too sure about it but we got ready and Ken LeAnn’s husband is laid off work right now so he also could go with us. We went with 6 others.

We first drove about 1 hour  south into Oregon and got to the trailhead on a bit of rough road but not too bad.  Our closest town was called ZigZag and another one nearby was Rhododendron. We registered our group as being in the park and on the trail and took off.



We had thought it to be around a 7 mile hike, but Kent’s GPS said 8.8 miles by the time we were done, also we ascended over 2,000 feet to get to the falls.  But it was a good hike and not too strenuous as the ascension was so gradual. We enjoyed the others in the group as well and kept up with everyone. I was surprised to not even be sore the next day.


Ramona Falls is beautiful and I loved the forest too.



Ramona Falls behind the trees



LeAnn was a bit disappointed that by the time we arrived there it was raining a light misty rain. So we didn’t get to see the falls with the sunshine on it. Maybe another time.

But I so enjoyed the walk through the trees and along the water and didn’t mind the drop off edges by the river either.  The group was all people over 55 and so we walked together well and stopped to rest every one in awhile. It was a fun and thankfully uneventful day. One of our group did take a tumble but thankfully was not hurt.

A few more forest pics




God has created many beautiful places and here in the Pacific Northwest is some of the most beautiful places we have seen. If you have never traveled to the Pacific Northwest we suggest you do, it is one of our favorite locations.  Very pretty especially in the summer months when it rains less. By the way, I did not need to edit these pictures, it is just that GREEN!

I hope you have some beautiful places to go to and sense God’s presence more.  This was one of those places for us.

Love, jan

For the Roaming Reimers


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One Response to “A hike in the forest and a falls”

  1. Rachel Says:

    What beautiful scenery, rain or no rain. Glad you had fun!


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