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Fun things

July 19, 2014

We had a fun day on July 4th, America’s Independence Day! We went to a Festival at Fort Vancouver. Now this Fort was a part of the onward westward expansion of the US. So originally it was a Hudson’s Bay company property. Check out the website at:


It is a neat place to explore and we have had the opportunity to do before. So on July 4th we got to see a 1860’s house called Marshall House. I was excited to hear that this was named after a man named George C Marshall who was responsible for the Marshall Plan after World War II that helped Europe get back on their feet. Phenomenal. We also stopped the Grant House..which was decorated for the event with lots of flags from various eras of time.  Ulysses S. Grant was a soldier here at the Fort and thus the name. Now a very nice restaurant.



And this day we also went for the fireworks event. It was full of the normal summertime fun. Ken and LeAnn met us there and we had a fun full day and the fireworks were even synchronized to the music. Pretty cool!

Today we got to do another fun local thing. It is a very special kind of car show. The event is called “Cruisin’ the Gut.” I think the Gut part refers to the main street as all the cars cruise along main street. It is several miles where the cars just go cruising by.

All the businesses on the street are open and there were thousands of people there. I asked someone how many cars and he said about a thousand. It was the most unique event of this kind that Kent and I have ever been to. It was entirely free to spectators and car owners. There was a food drive going on to help a local food charity. Here is the web link for you to check it out and see some of their pictures of some of the cars.

Now we do not have a car that qualifies for this event, but Ken and LeAnn have one. Here it is. It is a Sterling. I know a little about it. A kit car and with a Volkswagon engine. I got a short ride in it today as he wanted to move it from it’s original parking spot to a more notable place. That is right, in front of the DQ!

2014-07-19 16.12.162014-07-19 16.13.16


They did cruise on the main street and then parked their car and we all walked a few miles to see as many cars as we could. We stopped for some lunch and just watched the cars going by. If you had chairs you could sit them up wherever there was space and sit and watch. It was fun.

We did see a car like Kent used to have.  A 1964 Mercury Comet. I got a picture of one like it although Kent’s was a very beautiful color of Metal flake Purple, not the yellow of this one.

2014-07-19 14.59.34

All in all it was a fun event and one we will certainly be remembering.

Having fun,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers


Birthday and gardening

July 9, 2014

My husband Kent’s father turned 93 last week. Wow! Dad R looks so good. He still has a huge garden. They eat out of it and share some with us but dad has a ministry of his own. He grows lots of vegetables for the local food bank. He really loves doing this. Maybe that is the reason he is doing so well at 93 years old. Kent’s sister LeAnn and I were there to help celebrate dad’s birthday.

Here is his cake. IMG_0733


Dad had said a few weeks ago that he wanted a yellow rose. So I set out to get him one. We found one at a nursery not to far from their home. We got  it and dad was going to plant it. I will have to see it when we next go for a visit and to help them.

Kent has been very busy administering the NorthWest office. He helps in managing the staff and visiting pastors and candidates. There are lots of meetings and phone calls as well. It had been quite a different summer for him but he is enjoying the change too.


I still have my little garden and it is growing. We have even eaten out of the lettuce and spinach even though the leaves are pretty small. Small but delicious. My flower garden had nothing in it when I moved here. Looking pretty. IMG_6957


This week I had time to go to the neighborhood coffee time on Thursday.  I am slowly getting to know more neighbors. Most of the folks here are a bit older and have limited economic means. It seems to be a place where a positive word is always needed. I try to do that and give a testimony to God as well.

Kent’s sister LeAnn and her husband Ken have a house about 5 miles from where Kent’s parents live. LeAnn and Ken want to sell this house. So us girls have gone a few times to see the parents but to work on their house.   IMG_0717

First we did weeding and mowing, then more weeding and cutting back tall blackberries and hauling away of all the bramble. This week we will go back and see what else we can do. Perhaps some inside painting.  There will be new flooring needed and some packing of their stuff still there. And when not working at their house we will check to see if Dad or Mom Reimer needs something done.

Before Weeding

                                                                                                          After weeding.




Dad’s garden a few weeks ago before weeding and after, now you can see the potatoes and find the spinach as well as lettuce. Raspberries in the background. I love all this produce and so enjoy helping mom and dad as well.



I have loved doing these kinds of things to help my (Kent’s) family. It has been a busy and full summer already.  We can hardly believe that it is half over. The garden has grown a lot since this as well. Dad got a new hoe that is pretty good to use. He enjoys that.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers