Our son and family came for a visit!!!

A few weeks ago we were so excited…we could hardly sleep! Yes, we were like little kids with our excitement to see our son Josh and his family again!!!  We love his wife Teresa and were so glad to see them so close to their 10th wedding anniversary too.

BUT our grandson Silas always steals the show!!!…He is 8 almost 9 years old now and so much fun!  He is full of questions and opinions and growing up WAY too FAST for grandma and grandpa! We had not seen them since Christmas…that is way too long!!!

We had only 4 days together. We took them to see the Oregon forest first. We had a nice couple of hours at the Tillamook Forest Center. They had some interpretive talks and they were especially fun for Silas as they were about woodpeckers and then beavers.  Then we had lunch and took a walk and looked all around the center which has lots of information about the forest and the 4 fires that destroyed the original forest. Then they also told us about the re-forestation and why the forest is there now. Amazing!  Check out this site for some pictures. http://www.millerhull.com/html/nonresidential/tillamook.htm

I wanted  a picture of just Josh and Teresa..as this was a few days after their 10th Wedding Anniversary.  Congratulations!


It was so pretty and  so peaceful. We all love the beautiful trees here in the Northwest. We went for some walks with the guides and found some Salmon berries. We were told it was ok to eat them so we did. Yum!






After our time in the forest  we went on to the Oregon coast. We did not try to cover lots of territory but instead  to enjoy seeing what we could. We stopped at several beaches as Silas, Teresa and I love the beach!

IMG_1090   Silas digging with his hands.


 Teresa just enjoying the beach in spite of the wind.


 Me, walking into the waves..but the water was a bit cold so I ran out of it pretty fast too.

At one beach stop Kent and Josh stayed on the shore and watched.


We also had stopped to see the Tillamook  Air Museum. It had been built as a blimp hangar so it is one of tallest wooden structures.  Here is a link to see more about them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tillamook_Air_Museum    They also had several different kinds of planes there. That made for a nice break in the drive too. Inside the hangar, below. Josh is checking out the one plane that yu could sit in.

IMG_1079 IMG_1081

Kent and Silas inspecting the “Guppy” plane. Pretty unusual and large. Built to carry NASA cargo. It is HUGE! Check out this site to learn more. http://gizmodo.com/this-super-sized-cargo-plane-carries-nasas-biggest-loa-1552891790


We had a great time exploring lots of things together. Here are some parting shots of the beach as I think that was the favorite. Silas at Cannon Beach, Oregon.



Silas finding shells on the Oregon Coast. It really shows how much taller he is getting!


We had so much fun but the visit was short…so Josh and Teresa left us after 4 days and Silas stayed on for more fun with Grandpa and Grandma…So watch for that fun next!!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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