First adventure with Silas

Kent and I had talked about and planned what we wanted to show Silas. We had talked about all the fun things but felt he would like several things better than other things. So our first day we went to Fort Vancouver. That was great fun!



Standing at the entrance by the Palisade wall and gate



Silas really enjoyed talking to the Blacksmith that was there making stuff.


Silas was willing to try at being a old timey clerk..Here he is in the outfit provided for that.



Of course no fort visit would complete without some Cannons and cannon balls.



Silas really liked the guard house at the corner of the palisade. We climbed up to the top to take a look at what the guards would have seen. Here is Silas looking out.



But a trip back in time isn’t complete without seeing what the bathroom were like then. Although Silas sat on one is was no longer a functioning one. Hah! He wanted Mommy and daddy to see what he was doing though so we sent this picture to them.



I really was with them but since I was taking the pictures..Silas and I posed for a selfie.. I need some more practise at getting these right…Hah!



As we went to leave…we actually got to see Mt Hood which stayed hidden for Josh and Teresa.



Jan for the Roaming Reimers and as Grandma this time.


One Response to “First adventure with Silas”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Wow! That looks educational as well as fun!


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