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More fun with Silas and Happy Birthday!!!

October 27, 2014

I have to admit that I thought I posted this blog a long time ago…so here is the last one about Silas’s 3 days with us this summer. Here are a few other things we got to do with Silas. We did a lot without taking pictures of it. You can’t take pictures of all the fun things, right ??

Kent and Silas flew his kite. It did get off the ground but had problems staying up.


Silas did enjoy it once it did get in the air though

Grandpa took him swimming in a small lake nearby. You can see grandpa was a bit cold at first..but eventually they both got wet.


Kent’s sister and husband invited Silas to come and swim in the pool at their apartment.


Grandpa and Silas enjoyed that much more as you can see here. Grandma got into the pool with him too..again no I was in the Pool!


Silas also enjoyed eating my nasturtiums flowers. Yes in case you didn’t know they are edible!! Here it is behind his ear..See the little orange thing.


To prove to his cousins that he really did eat them.. he had to show it in his mouth. Hah!


Silas really loves his grandpa and you can see the feeling is mutual.


This last day we also had to get ready to fly. I flew back with Silas to his mom and dad. Kent and I were very happy to have had these special days together!!!

I let Silas sit by the window on the plane so he could see the sunrise as we flew east.


But I think the joy on his face when he saw his mother was a great treat too.

Teresa and Silas

We had a wonderful time with all of them, then the three days with Silas. Then I spent a week in Michigan and got to see Silas during his first week of school too.

While in Michigan I did some gardening for Teresa’s sister who recently moved into a house. That was fun as I did some needed trimming of their bushes. I love doing things like this.

Before my work

Another Area




The other area


The end of September was Silas’ 9th birthday. Grandpa & I wished him a very special birthday.We got to talk to him on his birthday. We are so proud of him and so grateful for him. Silas…we hope you had a wonderful birthday! We think of you every day and love you so much more than words can say. Happy Birthday!!!

Lots of Love,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers and as grandma…

Seattle Mission Fest and visiting our former church

October 18, 2014

We left Mom and Dad Reimer’s house and drove to Seattle. We spent the weekend in Seattle at the Mission conference that is held yearly. This is a fun conference. In fact, a few years ago I really felt God speak to me as this particular conference, so it is a special one to go to.


The fall colors were out and right in front of the church it was so pretty. Just had to take a picture.


Kent and I and two colleagues from WorldVenture were there. Ginny(on far right) and Kent both did Seminars. And Kent asked Adrienne(second from right) to join with him as well. Kent is always good at the booth answering questions and just a good listener too.


Mobile upload from Doug Hazen at 10-13-12, 3-45 PM

I also was able to catch up with some missionary friends that we have known for a long time.Thier oldest daughter and our daughter Kara are good friends too. So it was fun to catch up with each other during one of the breaks.

Sunday morning we packed up our Rv house and went down the road to Issaquah, WA. We had attended Living Hope Bible Church the two summers that we were parked at Sambica Camp. Since then they have moved into a church building as they had been meeting in a school for many years. The building is so nice for them and the church body is growing. We had not been able to stop and see them for about 2 years. So it was a wonderful time to see everyone and hear what God was doing in their lives.There were several new babies that we got to see too. That was fun as well! It was a blessed visit!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers
Stay tuned as we are back on the road…Travels ahead

Early 90th Birthday Celebration

October 16, 2014

While we were at Mom and Dad Reimer’s in Washington state, we were asking what Mom Reimer wanted to do to celebrate her 90th birthday in November? Well she never really gave us an answer. So we planned a small family gathering while Kent’s brother Ron and his wife Jan were visiting from Kentucky and while Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken were available to be there as well. So that was 3 out of the four children present.

Mom and dad had bought several salmon..right off the boat from a fisherman. It was two King Salmon and one Chum Salmon, it ended up being about 40 lbs of salmon. They brought it home and we wrapped it in freezer paper and froze it till it could be used.



Mom and dad wanted to cook some of it when Ron and Jan were with us all. So Kent actually cooked about half and made it 4 ways so you had all kinds of flavors and yummy salmon. This was taken after about half the salmon was eaten.



Of course LeAnn (Kent’s sister) and Ken, also Leann’s daughter Amanda and two nephews and a niece that live in Seattle all came. It made for a nice small gathering with good food and good fellowship too.


Mom and Dad with Ron, Kent and LeAnn. We missed having brother Glen and his family here at this time but they are coming for a visit later on in October.

The Family with spouses


Mom and dad with Denny, Kay and Larry (nephews and niece of Mom’s)


After the salmon feast we had a cake for mom’s birthday. She had on pink, the cake had pink icing on it and I got some of their dahlias out of their garden in shades of pink. It all looked very nice and Mom was surprised.


Here is the cake


Here is the entire group that came

Mom and Amanda(granddaughter that lives close by) Sweet!


After all the food some of us went for a walk. Dad and Ron walked together. I thought it was so sweet to see them walking together.


And if you have perceived that there are two Jans, you are right. Kent’s older brother Ron married a Jan too. So here are the two Jans together. We do not get much of a chance to be in the same place so this is special too.


Mom was very glad to have a celebration. Her birthday is still in November and we know she will have other ways to celebrate.

We sure had a good time with all the family that was able to come. It is always a pleasure to be with family and a blessing to add the celebration of mom’s 90th birthday as well.

Thanks Mom for allowing us to share in this birthday with you!!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Our next stop was Kent’s parent’s place

October 14, 2014

We moved from near Portland, to further north to where Kent’s parents live. We moved here over a month ago.

When we first arrived..there was a big pile of brush from dad having had the huge maple tree trimmed. We worked for several days removing that brush.




All brush gone and the grass can grow again.

I have been helping dad outside. With trimming bushes, harvesting in the garden, having meals together and having some good visits.
Some garden produce about to be made into dinner. Yum!


We went to Mt Baker one sunny day as well.



Dad and Mom have raised Dahlia flowers for years now. This years crop wasn’t as big but so pretty. I took some in to grace our table for dinner

Here are some in the garden.

We had a good month helping mom and dad. But watch for the final event!

Love, Jan from the Roaming Reimers

Leaving Portland area.

October 13, 2014

We had such a good summer here. We enjoyed the small Mobile home park where we lived for the summer that had some spaces for RVs. We got to know a good number of people there and in fact about 15 people were out there waving to us as we left. Sweet!

Here is what our site looked like when we arrived… I had to add some flowers to that empty space…


so here is the end result.


I even grew a tomato plant that grew taller then myself.. Good tomatoes too!

I spent about half of the summer helping Kent’s sister in her house.

We got most of her house packed up and also did outside chores as well.
Here is LeAnn tackling the blackberries that grow wild here. I helped but I had to get a picture too!

The guys knocked down the popcorn ceiling


Making it nice and smooth for a new coat of paint. IMG_0918

I cleaned up what fell around the tarp.

I did some work around dad and mom’s house too but not as much as Leann’s this summer. Here is dad and his garden about the middle of the summer.

So about a month ago we moved on to the next stop along the road, that is about 5 hours north to Kent’s parents place.

It was a good summer living in the Portland area.

Jan for the roaming Reimers