Leaving Portland area.

We had such a good summer here. We enjoyed the small Mobile home park where we lived for the summer that had some spaces for RVs. We got to know a good number of people there and in fact about 15 people were out there waving to us as we left. Sweet!

Here is what our site looked like when we arrived… I had to add some flowers to that empty space…


so here is the end result.


I even grew a tomato plant that grew taller then myself.. Good tomatoes too!

I spent about half of the summer helping Kent’s sister in her house.

We got most of her house packed up and also did outside chores as well.
Here is LeAnn tackling the blackberries that grow wild here. I helped but I had to get a picture too!

The guys knocked down the popcorn ceiling


Making it nice and smooth for a new coat of paint. IMG_0918

I cleaned up what fell around the tarp.

I did some work around dad and mom’s house too but not as much as Leann’s this summer. Here is dad and his garden about the middle of the summer.

So about a month ago we moved on to the next stop along the road, that is about 5 hours north to Kent’s parents place.

It was a good summer living in the Portland area.

Jan for the roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Leaving Portland area.”

  1. LuAnn Says:

    Loved the color that you added Jan!


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