Our next stop was Kent’s parent’s place

We moved from near Portland, to further north to where Kent’s parents live. We moved here over a month ago.

When we first arrived..there was a big pile of brush from dad having had the huge maple tree trimmed. We worked for several days removing that brush.




All brush gone and the grass can grow again.

I have been helping dad outside. With trimming bushes, harvesting in the garden, having meals together and having some good visits.
Some garden produce about to be made into dinner. Yum!


We went to Mt Baker one sunny day as well.



Dad and Mom have raised Dahlia flowers for years now. This years crop wasn’t as big but so pretty. I took some in to grace our table for dinner

Here are some in the garden.

We had a good month helping mom and dad. But watch for the final event!

Love, Jan from the Roaming Reimers

4 Responses to “Our next stop was Kent’s parent’s place”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Beautiful flowers! And how thankful your parents must be for clearing all the brush away. They just over seeded here at Acu miss you and your cherry smiling faces. Blessings from R &


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Yes Rachel, Dad does appreciate what I am able to do. Mom mostly does too! I have been thinking of ACU a lot these days. But we are still a long way from coming back to Az. Gotta help with our new grand baby first.


  2. LuAnn Says:

    Beautiful flowers and vegetables. This reminds me of our time in Ohio.


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Yes, I had thought of you two when we were there in the garden. I do get to help dad a lot over the past 7 years as we go north in the summer. And I love working with him in the garden.


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