Early 90th Birthday Celebration

While we were at Mom and Dad Reimer’s in Washington state, we were asking what Mom Reimer wanted to do to celebrate her 90th birthday in November? Well she never really gave us an answer. So we planned a small family gathering while Kent’s brother Ron and his wife Jan were visiting from Kentucky and while Kent’s sister LeAnn and husband Ken were available to be there as well. So that was 3 out of the four children present.

Mom and dad had bought several salmon..right off the boat from a fisherman. It was two King Salmon and one Chum Salmon, it ended up being about 40 lbs of salmon. They brought it home and we wrapped it in freezer paper and froze it till it could be used.



Mom and dad wanted to cook some of it when Ron and Jan were with us all. So Kent actually cooked about half and made it 4 ways so you had all kinds of flavors and yummy salmon. This was taken after about half the salmon was eaten.



Of course LeAnn (Kent’s sister) and Ken, also Leann’s daughter Amanda and two nephews and a niece that live in Seattle all came. It made for a nice small gathering with good food and good fellowship too.


Mom and Dad with Ron, Kent and LeAnn. We missed having brother Glen and his family here at this time but they are coming for a visit later on in October.

The Family with spouses


Mom and dad with Denny, Kay and Larry (nephews and niece of Mom’s)


After the salmon feast we had a cake for mom’s birthday. She had on pink, the cake had pink icing on it and I got some of their dahlias out of their garden in shades of pink. It all looked very nice and Mom was surprised.


Here is the cake


Here is the entire group that came

Mom and Amanda(granddaughter that lives close by) Sweet!


After all the food some of us went for a walk. Dad and Ron walked together. I thought it was so sweet to see them walking together.


And if you have perceived that there are two Jans, you are right. Kent’s older brother Ron married a Jan too. So here are the two Jans together. We do not get much of a chance to be in the same place so this is special too.


Mom was very glad to have a celebration. Her birthday is still in November and we know she will have other ways to celebrate.

We sure had a good time with all the family that was able to come. It is always a pleasure to be with family and a blessing to add the celebration of mom’s 90th birthday as well.

Thanks Mom for allowing us to share in this birthday with you!!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

4 Responses to “Early 90th Birthday Celebration”

  1. LuAnn Says:

    How wonderful to have so many of the children at home for such a special birthday. 🙂


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Yes Luann we all felt it a special occasion. I missed doing the same for my own dear mother…and she passed away two weeks after her 90th birthday. So we didn’t want to not do something when we could. Since we had our house with us it was easier.


  2. Rachel Says:

    So thankful you were able to have a wonderful “Celebration” for Kent’s beautiful Mom! And your pink flowers really made it complete! Tell her “Happy Birthday” from Dick (just turned 80) and Rachel (still younger than that..ha!)


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