Seattle Mission Fest and visiting our former church

We left Mom and Dad Reimer’s house and drove to Seattle. We spent the weekend in Seattle at the Mission conference that is held yearly. This is a fun conference. In fact, a few years ago I really felt God speak to me as this particular conference, so it is a special one to go to.


The fall colors were out and right in front of the church it was so pretty. Just had to take a picture.


Kent and I and two colleagues from WorldVenture were there. Ginny(on far right) and Kent both did Seminars. And Kent asked Adrienne(second from right) to join with him as well. Kent is always good at the booth answering questions and just a good listener too.


Mobile upload from Doug Hazen at 10-13-12, 3-45 PM

I also was able to catch up with some missionary friends that we have known for a long time.Thier oldest daughter and our daughter Kara are good friends too. So it was fun to catch up with each other during one of the breaks.

Sunday morning we packed up our Rv house and went down the road to Issaquah, WA. We had attended Living Hope Bible Church the two summers that we were parked at Sambica Camp. Since then they have moved into a church building as they had been meeting in a school for many years. The building is so nice for them and the church body is growing. We had not been able to stop and see them for about 2 years. So it was a wonderful time to see everyone and hear what God was doing in their lives.There were several new babies that we got to see too. That was fun as well! It was a blessed visit!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers
Stay tuned as we are back on the road…Travels ahead

2 Responses to “Seattle Mission Fest and visiting our former church”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Praying for you for safety as you are “On the Road Again!”


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