Turning 60

Yes, I do admit that I am turning 60..or really have already turned 60. I did think it would be terrible but in reality I found that turning 60 was better than turning 50.

I feel good and healthy. At 50, I started to work out and have been active ever since. Some of you may know of my gardening bent. I am very grateful for good health.

I am content with where I am in my life. I have a wonderful loving and fun husband, who I love more each day. I am grateful to have adult children that are loving and responsible. They bring joy to us every day. We have a wonderful 9 year old grandson that we love and had three whole days with by ourselves this summer.


Our daughter is about to have her first baby and we are allowed to be near by to see and hold this little one, not long after he/she arrives. That is a real treat too! and to just be able to hang out with our daughter and her husband has been fun! And yes, we have our RV house here so we each have our own space too.


So what did I do to celebrate turning 60? I got to spend the entire day with Kara, our daughter. We went to Denny’s for my free birthday breakfast.


She gave me a beautiful and very sweet card. It made me cry but in a good way. That about made my day from the start! We then went to a really nice shopping mall and walked around and enjoyed the pretty surroundings. No, we didn’t find anything to buy.

I got a free sub sandwich at Firehouse Subs and we split it. We went to a garden area and it was nice and warm enough to sit outside and have our lunch and then walked around the natural beauty a bit.

Then I wanted to watch a movie so we rented “Frozen” from a Red Box. It is a kids movie but fun to watch together. I thought Kara could sit for awhile that way.

Then we met up with our husbands and we all went to a Mediterranean Restaurant. We had a delicious meal


and then Kara pulled out some presents. One from some friends that was a cup and then..cards, and more cards and more cards, and then even more cards. 81 cards in all. I was flabbergasted!!



Apparently my dear husband had sent out emails that asked people to send me a card for my birthday…So I was so thrilled to open them and hear from so many friends from many different places. Several from overseas and from many parts of our lives lived all over the country. It was such a nice gift! From my husband and from these dear friends and of course to be with our daughter and her husband.


What a fun day and I did not mind at all turning 60. Now we are waiting for our newest grandchild(our daughter’s) to arrive any time. We are excited to be able to be on hand to help in whatever way they need. So watch for that announcement!

Oh, and if you sent a card! a Big THANKS!!!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Turning 60”

  1. LuAnn Says:

    Happy birthday. 60 looks great on you Jan. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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