Our daughter’s birthday

A few days ago our only daughter turned 33. When I think of that I can hardly believe that many years have gone by already.

Wasn’t it only yesterday that I held that dear sweet little girl in my arms? or she played with her big brother?


Or when I asked her to watch the laundry at 3 years old, she literally watched the washer go through the entire cycle.


Scanned Image 132330026

And hearing her run into the house saying that her brother Joshua, two years older had told her how to accept Jesus, and she had.

Br Kara & Cake


Br Kara-Hat

Seeing her so very excited to start school and learning so much so fast.

At age 10 she heard a pastor challenging the people to read through the entire Bible…that year was the first time she did, and many more years since.

Scanned Image 132330027

I think of her as a preteen and all the friends and the outings that we did. I remember her telling me that I didn’t have to go on all her school field trips. I told her Yes I did, that is what a good mother did. But I didn’t have to be in her group…then when my girls were having such fun, her group joined in with ours. (Hah).

As a teen when she chose basketball over playing the piano..I was saddened, not her.


She and her brother have always been very close

Her graduation from high school was special and we all celebrated with her. She looked very adult here with her dad


Off to college and me holding back my tears as I knew she was so excited to go..and I with mixed emotions.

College years, she grew up way too fast for me. But I was so proud of her. Here she is with roommates and other friends.


College graduation


Then years of working as a teacher and eventually with the severe Special Needs students.

DSCF0014 (2)-001

At her brother’s wedding

One day she asked me if I wanted to meet her “friend” Nick? Of course I said YES… and before long Nick was coming around a lot more.


She was very proud and happy to become an aunt to Silas.

Aunt Kara & SilasJPG

Then we got a call while we were in Uganda, Africa to say “I’m engaged!”


Your wedding day…Kara, we couldn’t have been happier for you and proud of you.


Good times as they enjoyed married life:



Kara and Nick 120

Kara went on to graduate with her Masters Degree in Special Needs Education:


Now she has been married to Nick for 8 years, and along comes a pregnancy and little Ivan has joined our family.


And how fast he is growing..


Happy birthday Kara..we are so glad that God saw fit to put you into our family. We love you so much and are more proud of you than words can express.

Love Mom for the Roaming Reimers

4 Responses to “Our daughter’s birthday”

  1. Millie Hilsher Says:

    You only have One daughter and God gave you a lovely one!! That was a lovely tribute to her

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Rachel Says:

    So happy for you to have a wondereful daughter like Kara, and so happy for Kara to have parents who care enough to document your growing-up years…and beyond! Enjoy the memories!


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