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Easter with Family, a conference and travel

April 24, 2015

I love Easter. It reminds me of our Lord and all He did for us..and then the resurrection day to celebrate the victory over death and SIN. It reminds me that Christ gives us victory. I love the spring flowers and all the spring colors. Also I love the newness of starting over…because nature has started to bloom again. I loved seeing these Iris in bloom too.


We are so grateful that this year again we could be with some of Kent’s family for Easter. His Uncle Mel and wife Chris live in Las Vegas as well as a first cousin and her family. They had also invited Chris’ son’s family. We all have been together before and it was so nice. Again this Easter we had a grand time. Chris’ granddaughters were such fun to be with.


Uncle Mel had taken a fall the week before but was in rare form despite his Parkinson’s. He almost runs with his walker though and it made me just a bit nervous. But I did get them to stay put long enough to get a picture.


We had several times that we go to see them including Easter Service at their church where a clear presentation of the gospel was given. So great to hear that and on the day that every Christian should proclaim that message.

Easter dinner was at first cousin Karen and Tim Dolan’s house. It was a delicious Ham dinner. We all brought something to help but Karen did most of the heavy cooking. Thanks Karen and Tim too.


After Easter weekend we had a conference. It was with other owners of the samp type of Rv that we have. These are to get together and learn things from each other and also from speakers about various things about living or maintaining our RVs. Kent did a seminar on solar for RVs and also on full time living. We had many opportunities to speak of God’s love as well. It was a fun and busy week.See all the rigs parked near each other to visit better.


We did make some new friends too, but didn’t get pictures of them. Opps!


Then we headed on down the road…we went about 200 miles a day. First night was at a very peaceful roadside pull off. WE had three other Rvs with us that night but it was sure peaceful.

IMG_2256 (1)

It took us 4 days to reach our next destination which is where we are currently parked near Roseburg, Oregon. That is southern Oregon but along the 1-5 corridor.

We are here for about two months. Kent has already been able to meet with several people including the pastor of a local church. They were encouraged to hear how they might be more involved in Missions opportunities.

We are also here visiting our good friends Phil and Jeannie Teel. We met in Juneau, Alaska in 1980 and have kept in contact. Phil is a welder, now retired, but keeps an active shop to do things in. So Kent had a big project and they are both tackling it.

The project it to take the back of our truck and re-configure it to accommodate our new car.. It is a Smart Car and only 8 foot 4″ long. So it can work it out. So this is a BIG project. More about that next blog as it is still in the works. Come back to see it. OK?

Here is our BIG TRUCK and little car.


That is about all we have been doing these past several weeks. I (Jan) also got 2 boils on her ear canal and so that is why this blog is so late…I am starting to feel better finally. Yeah! I can hear again!!!!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Saying goodbye and first day traveling…and Yikes

April 3, 2015

Saying goodbye to all of our friends and neighbors where we have parked for the last 5 winters was more emotional this year. We have become even closer to a neighbor who lost her husband to cancer about 6 weeks ago. That was hard to say goodbye. But we pray that God will help her bring some new friends into her life too.


We had planned to only go about 80 miles the first day, ¬†before moving on down the road. I am sooo very thankful for that plan. We got into some construction and had to stop for awhile. ¬†About 10 miles from the construction zone, Kent heard the tire monitors going off and realized he had to stop. Off the road and I pulled in beside him in the car…it was obvious at once that we had a problem. We had a flat tire on the RV.


I am soo glad that we had those tire monitors. So we were safely off the road and Kent called roadside service. Here is what had happened to the tire…That dark line is about a 6-8 inch cut in the tire. Yikes!


They put on the spare but we realized that is not a very good tire.


So we went into the nearest town and found a Big O tire dealer. We bought a replacement.


So three hours after stopping we finally got to our RV park exhausted but grateful for God’s protection again!!!

We had a day and half at this RV park and left early to get to a service repair place in Las Vegas to fix the truck’s air conditioner that also wasn’t working.

Life “on the road” does have it troubles, but I am so grateful for a handy, mechanical husband and one who buys tire monitors! It probably saved our RV HOUSE from damage. Yeah!

Grateful to God and Kent!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers