Saying goodbye and first day traveling…and Yikes

Saying goodbye to all of our friends and neighbors where we have parked for the last 5 winters was more emotional this year. We have become even closer to a neighbor who lost her husband to cancer about 6 weeks ago. That was hard to say goodbye. But we pray that God will help her bring some new friends into her life too.


We had planned to only go about 80 miles the first day,  before moving on down the road. I am sooo very thankful for that plan. We got into some construction and had to stop for awhile.  About 10 miles from the construction zone, Kent heard the tire monitors going off and realized he had to stop. Off the road and I pulled in beside him in the car…it was obvious at once that we had a problem. We had a flat tire on the RV.


I am soo glad that we had those tire monitors. So we were safely off the road and Kent called roadside service. Here is what had happened to the tire…That dark line is about a 6-8 inch cut in the tire. Yikes!


They put on the spare but we realized that is not a very good tire.


So we went into the nearest town and found a Big O tire dealer. We bought a replacement.


So three hours after stopping we finally got to our RV park exhausted but grateful for God’s protection again!!!

We had a day and half at this RV park and left early to get to a service repair place in Las Vegas to fix the truck’s air conditioner that also wasn’t working.

Life “on the road” does have it troubles, but I am so grateful for a handy, mechanical husband and one who buys tire monitors! It probably saved our RV HOUSE from damage. Yeah!

Grateful to God and Kent!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

4 Responses to “Saying goodbye and first day traveling…and Yikes”

  1. Rachel Says:

    “Yiles” is right and “Thanks to God & Kent” also is right! So thankful for all 3–God, Kent, & Tire moniters!!!
    We’ll pray for added covering of the Lord’s strong hands as you move on to your next destiation.
    Blessings to you from Rachel & Dick


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Thank you so much Rachel for that prayer!And a special thank you for you coming over before we left as I thought you both were gone. That was very kind and a special treat for us. WE love you and Dick and pray that God gives you a special Easter with your family too.


  2. Jim Ellis Says:

    Glad you are safe! Pray that Resurrection day will be a blessing!


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