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Inter-country train trip and making new friends

June 9, 2015

After our four days in Prague we hopped on a intra-country train. I had purchased reserved seats though I got second class, before we left the United States and was very glad of it as we had the window seat then with a small table to put our food on. I had purposely picked the second class as it would give us more opportunity to get to know anyone that spoke English.

We boarded the train in Prague, Czech Republic and went through a portion of Slovakia and then into Hungary. We knew it was supposed to be a 6 hour trip and so we had some food and drinks that we had picked up at a local store. They also had a small dining car but we were fine except for a coffee during the day. This train was really not for tourists but that is why we wanted to try it. It was more than half the cost of flying and quicker so we thought “why not?”


The Old and New train stationsTrainstation

We had a wonderful day too. the beautiful scenery went by our window and as it was a beautiful sunny day we could sit back and enjoy it. We had very nice travel companions, several Canadian students and others who spoke English well and several Czech people who also knew some English. that came and went as their stops came up. We were some of the few that stayed on the entire trip.

IMG_2785 SubstandardFullSizeRender (1)


It ended up taking us 8 hours as the train conductor and ticket taker got off at the Hungarian border as they were done for the day and did not cross the border. At least that is what we thought was the problem…without fully knowing the language you are never sure.

But we sat on the train for 2 hours waiting and finally two men came on and we got going again. It really reminded us of living in Brazil and just waiting until they were ready to take you  on.

Once we arrived in Budapest we soon found our hotel. It was a smallish one and the front doors sort of hide what is behind them. The front desk people were fluent in English and very helpful, so we were soon checked in and able to leave our luggage and go check out the city.


The next day we met up with our co-workers and we had some delicious coffee and pastry together. They took us to some of the sites and also to the city market. I love going to markets in other countries or towns. It kind of tells you what the people eat and a little of their crafts too. So whenever possible we go to markets. We ended up having a late snack at the market which is always fun.



The next day was Sunday and our co-workers asked us to join them at their International church. We had a wonderful time there and I so enjoying singing in English and taking communion there. There were people from many different countries represented there too. Fun!


We really enjoyed meeting these co-workers and felt that they were encouraged by our time together.

We stopped at the California coffee house for coffee and to check our emails. We knew once on the cruise our internet would be sparse. It has an interesting name and it was filled with young people looking as if they were studying for exams. We felt right at home among them, although they looked at us kind of funny! I must Kent with his full white beard and mustache did draw looks at times.


Stay “tuned” for part 3 which will be the cruise.

For more pictures of this part of our journey check out this video at vimeo.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

40th Anniversary trip/ Part 1- Prague

June 7, 2015

We recently returned from a 2 week trip to Eastern Europe. We wanted to visit some new countries and were able to get three new ones.  We arrived in Prague, Czech Republic by plane after traveling about 18 hours. We were so grateful that we had a colleague meet us to help us find our place to stay.



We had several days there. We visited with one of our missionary families. That was a real treat and to meet their 6 children too. The father met us at the airport and was invaluable in helping us locate the place where we were staying. they also invited us to have a meal with them the next day and that was so sweet too.

Seeing beautiful old Prague was wonderful too. We found a great place to stay through a website called airbnb. We had a great view


We were within walking distance of most of the old town. So we walked all over for the days we were  there.


Oh yes, for those of you who know Kent well…you will see a big change in him. He has grown a full beard and mustache and it is all white! So he looks very different… but this is not the first time he has grown a beard and so I am getting used to it.

One great memory was that we went for a free city tour and the guide who spoke English didn’t have any other customers so gave us a private tour. Wow! That was special and at the end we asked him to join us for a bit of lunch, and then we got to know him better. That was a highlight for us.

We loved seeing the old and beautiful city of Prague. We met some nice people and made at least one new friend.

An Indian lady stayed with us in the airbnb apartment that we rented a room in. She was very sweet and invited us to visit her in India.

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Here is the link for a video with more pictures of our time in Prague. You will need to check it out in vimeo.

Come back to see more pictures of our adventure.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers