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Another wonderful visit and meetings and strategy

September 15, 2015

A few weeks ago Kent and I flew to our Headquarters for some meetings with our staff. We also got to stay with our daughter and family for that time. It was wonderful to see Ivan at 9 months old and watch him pull himself up to things and as well as crawling along. It was fun to sit and play with him too. We are so blessed to have seen him several times this first year of his life. Of course we had good visits with Kara and Nick as well. Since they are busy and we knew we would be we got for the weekend before and stay for a weekend after. So that was a nice visit. We also got to care for Ivan overnight and that was fun for us and them.

Pictures of our adorable youngest grandson

IMG_0036 IMG_4022





After sitting in meetings all week we were glad to get a walk in. Ivan gets to be carried now but will be walking before we know it!

We are so very grateful for both of our kids and the families they have. Seeing them leading their families spiritually is a bigger blessing than we can say. God has truly blessed us with wonderful children and wonderful in-laws too.

We pray this day finds you doing well and praising God too!

Love from Jan and the Roaming Reimers

A day that will not be forgotten soon!

September 7, 2015

We set out last Monday morning on a short trip of a little over 200 miles. As we pulled out I prayed for safety on the roads. I knew it was a possibility of rain so then I, as the passenger texted our kids to pray as we traveled down the road.  Traffic was about normal but there are several stretches of the highway that is narrower-er and so the traffic seems worse. It was before there is some construction so not in that area.  We were planning on stopping at the rest stop in about 10 miles from where we did stop.

BUT about an hour north we were driving along with lots of traffic. The speed limit had been reduced and so we were going only less than 50mph. We saw some people on the right side of the road…and so we moved into the passing lane because of that and all of a sudden the SUV in front of us slammed on their brakes even though there was no one in front of their vehicle..Kent hit our brakes, the trailer brakes and blew the horn in hopes that the vehicle would keep moving… BUT in seconds we had an accident. Glass flew all over our windshield as the back windshield of the other vehicle broke apart. Both vehicles were still moving when we impacted.  When the SUV and we stopped, we were still in the left lane and in possible danger.  So when we saw the SUV moving to the right side of the road, we followed as we realized it could move and we could too. WOW!

We both jumped out and went to see if the driver was ok. She was moving, talking to us, not bleeding outwardly, making calls. I stopped and prayed with her after she agreed that would be ok if I did. She said her foot hurt. She said she’d called her husband. And that she needed to talk to her work and so I left her to do that. A police officer came, he had been a part of the other accident that had taken place and he called for an ambulance for the lady.  I was glad that she knew her name and could call her husband, work etc. Looking at the back of her vehicle it wasn’t that badly damaged. So I was praying that she wasn’t hurt too badly either.  The ambulance was there quickly and carefully loaded her onto a stretcher and took her to the hospital. I was so grateful the lady seemed to be doing pretty well considering an accident. I knew she would be shook up and definitely hurting but it could have been much worse and that was what I was grateful for.

Then we finally had time to assess the damage to our vehicles. Kent was on the phone with our insurance company trying to arrange tow trucks for us. Our truck had the radiator punctured on impact so you could see the radiator fluid had leaked out on the road and across as we drove to the side.  There was damage to the trucks right fender, bumper and hood,. When we walked back to the Rv and looked at it. It seemed to be ok and looking at our car on the was ok! BUT our fifth wheel hitch(which is what actually pulls our RV) was totally broken and sticking up at an very odd angle. So Kent knew we would need two tow trucks.

Kent and the insurance guy were talking and phoning back and forth several times. I must say I was so impressed with Nationwide Insurance and very glad they were our coverage at this point. A guy named Lenny was so helpful and even kind to us.

The state troopers were at the spot right away, as they had pulled someone over for speeding..and there had been another accident, a minor one. No one appeared hurt in that one.

The police actually took the information from all of us and made us copies of the exchange of information which had all the pertinent info etc. In less than 30 minutes, they were trying to get the vehicles off the side of the road so that traffic wouldn’t be impeded. So all the other vehicles that had been behind us..two trooper vehicles. a semi, four cars all left and we were waiting for tow trucks.

When they all left we thought that the tow trucks would be there soon….That wasn’t to be. We ended up waiting until 4 pm for two tow trucks to come and help us off the side of the road. The accident took place right before noon. That was 4 hours later. Now as we waited along the side of the road, the traffic had no idea that we had been in an accident as there was a slight curve in the road and they all were driving fast along there. After two hours Kent called the insurance company again and asked about the tow trucks. They actually called another company since the one they had asked to come was still not able to come for several hours. So they called a company that was further away and so had an hour’s drive…so that they also could not get there too quickly. But I was grateful that the insurance company seemed to understand our plight.

I must say that those 3 1/2 hours sitting in our truck just waiting for the tow trucks was more harrowing than the accident itself. Sitting on the side of the road, sticking out somewhat as we could not move once we got there right after the accident because the radiator was punctured. We stayed in our truck, which felt the safest option. We were texting with our family and friends and everyone was praying for us. So…when the tow trucks finally got there we were very relieved!!!

There were two tow trucks and two drivers.. One nice one named P.. and one not so nice named  R… R was in charge and started shouting at P to do this and that. Of course they were a bit stressed too seeing that we were so close to the highway. But R was swearing and carrying on..and Kent was at that moment talking to our insurance company.  Kent told the guy at the insurance company…So the insurance company guy asked to talk to R. After the insurance guy talked to R, he settled down. I was grateful, as we were already a little un-nerved from the accident , waiting for 3 1/2 hours and then that our house would have to be towed etc. After that talk things seemed much better.

The second driver hooked up to our RV house and then we all stopped at Walmart to take our car off the truck as we would be needing that. that took about 10 minutes and then we were towed to the RV park about 4 miles down the road. The truck had a further ride to a place to get it fixed.

BUT at the end of the day, in looking back we had many things to be grateful for!!! The Woman we hit wasn’t in serious condition such as fighting for her life. I am sure she was hurting but not as seriously as it could have been. BIG PRAISE! We both were ok too! Then we had our RV house to stay in and even our car.  All Big blessings. God was good to us in all of this!!

I will say that we also realized that God must have a reason for us to be in this town…so we are looking for that opportunity that He had placed us where we are for now. Please pray with us for S.. the lady we hit. Please pray that we do what God’s wants for us while we are here.

We have to wait until our truck is fixed but we are “at home” and Kent is still working while we wait here. One of our dear friends and colleagues came and had lunch with us to make sure we were ok and to pray with us. Also Kent’s oldest brother who was with Kent’s parents helping them , he drove to see us last night before flying back to his home and family. We are blessed even in these visits.

Our Rving lifestyle has advantages and having our RV with us is a big blessing in this incident. Again Praising GOD!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers