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Ministry trips and family visits

March 1, 2016

January 14th saw us once again on a plane flying to the Northwest for a city wide missions event. It is always a pleasure to go to Mission Connexion but this year even more so. We had two days of non stop visiting with people interested in serving God in some way as a missionary. We had some great conversations and many prayers while trying to help those seeking to serve. Here Kent is listening to a young missionary to be.


Thankfully we did have some co-workers that also were there to help. We are grateful for these conferences where God allows us to impact more people to join the missionaries worldwide.

After the conference we had decided to stay in the Northwest and drive to see Kent’s parents for a short visit. On our way to mom and dad’s house, we also got in a quick visit over dinner with Kent’s sister and husband as well as a lunch with some new friends also.

Mom and dad were doing pretty well, although there were several things we helped them with. Knowing me, you probably aren’t surprised that I went outside to the garden and other outdoor chores as Kent helped with inside jobs. We also got to stay with an old friend Ed and visited his wife in a nursing home too. We left mom and dad after two days to visit a first cousin on our way to our next stop.




We flew to Denver to be at WorldVenture’s Annual Renewal conference. This is held in January and is 2 days of prayer and a day with Bible teaching and worship, and the president speaks explaining  where we as a mission are heading. Then there were some seminars to help our missionaries deal with their lives and ministries abroad. It was a busy and almost non stop week but so good.

Another blessing is the we get to stay with our daughter and family during this time. Kara and Nick are always hospitable and we adored having a chance to see Ivan if only a little in the mornings. He was usually  in bed by the time we returned. So we did arrive the weekend before and stay the weekend after. We did get to celebrate Kent’s birthday with them while visiting Kara and Nick and Ivan. Ivan liked it as he clapped his hands for grandpa. Hah!

This year Kara and Nick were able to arrange a marriage retreat for the weekend after our guess who got to babysit Ivan? Yes, grandma and grandpa and we all had a blast!  Ivan did look around their house for mom and dad but then settled down to just grandpa and grandma. I think he was very glad to see mommy and daddy when they returned on Sunday afternoon too.


So God really blessed us on this trip! We are always grateful for any time to spend with our family. And little Ivan was just so adorable and fun! He truly is our “gift from God” as his name means.

Gratefully yours,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers