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Ending our time in the SW and going to the NW

April 23, 2016

Yes, I can not believe how quickly these past few months have gone. We have been in Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix for 6 months. Now it is time to go to the Northwest again. Some of this winter went very slow and some fast as these last few weeks have been.

Kent and I have been attending First Baptist church of Tempe and last week we joined it. We have been quite involved here this winter and hope it will increase in the fall when we return.

I met a young Brazilian lady  named Nayara at the ladies Bible Study. I was too excited as I went to her and attempted to use my Portuguese. She was very gracious. We did meet her husband and another couple as well. We all went to dinner together and I got to hear Felipe’s testimony of coming to Christ just recently. I was very encouraged that he shared it in Portuguese and I understood all of it. Yeah! We hope to see them more when we return as one of the couples is interested in serving the Lord.


We are now “on the road” and headed to Yakima, Washington for the summer. Yakima is in the south central part of Washington. They have tons of vineyards, orchards and other farming in the area. We look forward to getting to know some fellow believers and working with several churches there that are interested in having Kent come and help them. I am praying about how I can be of help too.

On our way we did stop to see Kent’s older uncle who has Parkinson’s and recently went into the Veterans’ home to be better cared of. It was great to see Uncle Mel and all the family that are in the area.This picture of Uncle Mel, wife Chris and Kent and I was taken in October when we visited them.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers





Another visit with Kara and Ivan

April 22, 2016

In early March, Kara and 16 month old Ivan came to visit us! We were very excited about their visit, and we had two great days with Kara. We got to go to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. I had gotten nearly free tickets for all of us, and they had a evening light show the Ivan enjoyed more.

But then……Kara came down with flu! she was so sick and we felt so badly. No pictures as that is unkind…

We kept Ivan occupied for several days for her to get better… but he got sick too.Ivan enjoyed grandma’s spaghetti and a ride in a golf cart!

IMG_5300     IMG_5298

Kent had a one day of sickness and got cuddle Ivan while they both felt ill…and then I got sick too.


Kara and Ivan were well enough to get on their plane home.


Even with all of the sickness we still had a great time together and look forward to the next visit with them.

Here Ivan’s checking out his reflection on grandpa’s truck. He is at the curios stage of life and sees fun in everything. And then taking a bath in our sink. Fun times.

IMG_5281     IMG_5270

Jan for the Roaming Reimers