A tribute to My mom

So I was thinking about my own mom on Mothers Day, also because her birthday was the day, before this year. So two reasons to be thinking of her. I can hardly believe that it is 5 years since she went to heaven. Sometimes it feels longer but mostly it feels like it was just yesterday. We had her for 90 years and I am forever grateful for that!

Once your mom and dad both are gone, it feels a lot different…  I don’t know if I can express it,  but it makes you stop and think even more about life and death. I am SO grateful that my mom knew Jesus as her savior, as I do! That makes her passing from this earth much easier.

But I still miss her a lot! I miss: knowing I can call her, I miss that I could encourage her to come for a visit, or that I could ask her some questions about her life..I miss just knowing she was still within a short flight to see and hug her, or a phone call away!

I felt my mom did a good job given all the things she had to deal with. She had a lot to deal with as she had ten children and we had 20 years between us. Our dad was sick a lot and mom had to work full time and still try to care for the children and the house, garden, etc. It was a huge task and she didn’t complain, just did it.

This picture of her and I is not the best quality but I treasure it as there are very few of the two of us when I was young.


Sometimes I wished that my mom hugged me more  but since she didn’t ..I helped to teach her how to hug more. After I became an adult and learned to hug other as well. And she got better at it and more comfortable too.

Now that I have been a mother myself for almost 36 years, I ask God to help me to be a good mother even now with adult children. I pray to do as well as my mom did.

Thanks Mom!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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