Our anniversary

I could hardly believe it, but another year has rolled around and our 41st wedding anniversary was nearing. after our big celebration last year we just wanted a quiet one but to share it with someone.  I spoke to our hosts and thought we could do something together, just to celebrate it.

Eventually they asked if we would like to go to a small German town nearby. So they drove and hosted us for the wonderful day. We had such fun driving there and getting to know the countryside and our new friends better. Also the town was wonderful and fun.


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We had a lunch of bratwurst, hotdogs or something similar. Of course! There were lots of tourist shops and restaurants. We also went for a walk along the river and enjoyed that immensely. They had made reservations in town and we had a delicious German meal.

They drove us back and that was pretty as the sun was setting. So all in all a wonderful day.


imageAnd it was a wonderful day with new friends and a lovely day from them as a gift!

We are grateful for yet another year of life and marriage! We are really blessed!

Gratefully yours,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers


2 Responses to “Our anniversary”

  1. Bruce Or Melody Stalk Says:

    Happy anniversary. You look to young to be married for 41 years.  The year has flown by.  What is the name of the German village?  Sounds like you had fun. Talk to you soon. Melody

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