Our son’s birthday

Our son Josh was born over thirty years ago, today. He was two months early and it caused my husband and I quite shock. Josh spent the first month of life in a NICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. He grew and was able to get off the machines fairly quickly. We were thrilled for the July 4 th that we were finally able to bring him home from the hospital! A few months later we moved to Southeast Alaska the first of many other places in his life.

For 4 years we had been wanting to have a child so when Josh came early and with health challenges, it was just another obstacle to overcome. When God gave us Josh we were absolutely thrilled. When he could finally come home for the hospital we fought over who could change  his diapers! Hah most couples don’t say that, do they?

Josh has grown into a wonderful adult son, he is married to a great woman,  Teresa and they have the most special ten year old around. Of course I am a little prejudice! Josh recently graduated with his Masters degree. He has a great job that he is really good at, and he is a good father and husband.

Josh, did you know that they day you were born, your dad ran 9 miles! He was so excited! Me too! But my work was in the labor room!

We are so proud of you, Josh and so very glad that you made us a family! We love you and wish you a very special birthday



mom and dad

jan for the roaming Reimers

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