A major change in plans

My husband Kent and I were busy doing things around our RV house on Saturday evening. I told Kent that I would go inside and start getting dinner. He was washing windows on our RV, on a 8 ft ladder . Well, I decided to clean up first and then I hear a loud “Thump” and Kent groaning. When I looked out I saw Kent flat on his back on the ground. Yikes!!  I ran out to him, asking him to remain where he was as I could see his head was bleeding and I was concerned about broken bones, head injuries etc! He was writhing in pain and didn’t really hear me. I ran and got my phone and dialed 911, and as I was telling them where we were,  Kent started to get up from the ground. So I told the operator I had to go and help Kent.

So Kent decided he was well enough for me to take him to the Emergency Room. So that is what I did! They got him a wheel chair immediately and triaged him pretty quickly, got him back to a room. He was talking and answering all of their questions so they thought he was fine. After about 3 hours and X-rays, then a CAT scan, because his side seemed to hurt more than they thought it should. They were checking organs too. So the doctors decided he only had 4 broken ribs and bruised and battered body. They decided to keep him in the hospital overnight as he was in a lot of pain and for observation.

We were praising God and the good medical team that checked Kent out! There could have been a lot worse things had happened because of this fall. Anyway, the fall and resultant broken ribs changed our plans for the next couple of weeks. We were going to move to Boise, Idaho area tomorrow. Now we aren’t moving and we are still praising God for his protection.

Here is a picture that I took a few months ago when Kent was working  on our solar panels on the roof of our RV. He walked so confidently on this roof! We will be extremely careful in doing this again.


Kent is slowly improving and we are also glad for some strong medicines to help his pain right now.

Grateful to God for His protection and good doctors! And this nice view from his hospital room of Mount Adams.

Jan for the Roaming( not right now ) Reimers

6 Responses to “A major change in plans”

  1. Jim Ellis Says:

    Wow Jan! 4 broken ribs! Sorry to hear about Kent’s tumble but glad it wasn’t worse. Will be praying for you both!


  2. Audrey Ganz Says:

    Hope Kent heals quickly. Lucky he wasn’t hurt worse. Prayers for you.


  3. Normand Legault Says:

    My poor Kent, I know what you’re going through (it’s happened to me twice in the past year–mountain biking…). Don’t forget to take deep breaths every once in a while! On the plus side, it probably could have been a lot worse. Get well (and back on the road) soon!


  4. sstauffer Says:

    Oh my. We will pray for a quick recovery. Kent- Be a good patient and listen to your nurse 🙂 Love, Jim & Shelby


  5. RoamingReimers Says:

    Thanks all for your good wishes and prayers!


  6. RoamingReimers Says:

    Love all of you and thanks for prayers and good wishes for Kent! Now 3 weeks away from the tumble he is much better but not quite ready to drive that big truck yet., But soon!


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