A Very Special Family Event

A few weeks ago Kent and I accompanied his parents to a wedding of one of their granddaughters. We had planned to go and encouraged them to go with us. We drove a day before to  a cousins house in Seattle and had a nice evening and time to catch up before the trip. This was so we didn’t have to fight traffic in the morning. So our time to get to the airport was much easier. Our flights went well and we arrived at our destination without any problems. Our daughter and her 18 month old son had traveled ahead of us and already had the rented van and picked us up and we were on to our way to our rented house.

We had a couple of days to rest and enjoy our grandson before the rest of the family gathered. Ivan entertained us often!

My other sister-in-law, Jamie and Glen held a brunch for all the family to gather and visit at their rented house. It was fun seeing everyone and just hanging out some. Then we all had to get ready for the wedding and go to it.

Our niece’s wedding was a beautiful event and we so enjoyed being able to be there for it. It was very special to have Kent’s parents there. They were the only living grandparents. So it was a special time.

The family that was there. All but one of us.


On Sunday morning some of us went to see the racetrack where Kent’s brother works part time selling programs during the racing season. It is a beautiful venue and we got to see the horses run that morning. Ivan our 18 month old grandson enjoyed that and the jockeys enjoyed seeing him too!

Then the entire family had a nice brunch at a lovely restaurant and afterwards we all went to Kent’s brothers house for a celebration of Kent’s parents early 70th wedding anniversary. Since all but one member of the family was there it seemed appropriate to commemorate this event together. Of course we had cake and took pictures!

Monday everyone starting to leave and gradually it was just Kent and I and his folks. We had decided to stay a few days after the wedding to visit with the brides parents a little more. That was nice and then it was our time to return home too. Our flights were pretty good although we had some turbulence on our last leg. But after our drive back to mom and dads house. they were glad to get home again.

Kent and I stayed overnight with a friend and then weeded dads garden in the morning before we left to drive back to where our RV is parked. We are so grateful for this trip!

Thanks Ron and Jan for all of your help and the hosting!

This  video link shows lots more pictures and some of the fun we had! These pictures were taken by our daughter and son-in-law as he is a better photographer than me. So follow this link to see more pictures:https://vimeo.com/171137891


Jan for the Roaming Reimers




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