Thoughts and prayer

A friend of mine called me this morning saying,,I awoke several times last night with you on my mind, Is everything ok?”

We had both been busy and had not talked since the spring, but I was soon lad that sh called had had a scare the night before and knowing that God has awakened her to pray of me was a true gift! What happened? We have our Rv house parked in Seattle at a church where we will be this weekend for a missions conference. Kent had gone into church after dinner to attend a class. I stayed home to rest and relax a bit.  A stranger knocked on the door and after he left I felt someone checking our doors and compartments on the rig to see if they were open.  I don’t know if it was the man nor if it was someone trying to hurt me, but I was  rattled! I had texted Kent immediately to see if he could come home. He came as soon as he could and I was ok but still a bit scared. Was this the reason God woke my friend? Who knows? But I was very grateful for her call and her prayers. Just a reminder to all of us to pray when God prompts us. Who knows but what we are helping someone in need or danger?

Thanks friend, Rachel for calling me and for your prayers and friendship!

Until later,

jan for the Roaming Reimers


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