Family visits

The past few weeks have been busy. BUT the highlights are that we had two special visits. Both our daughter-in-law Teresa and grandson Silas came to visit and then a few weeks later our daughter Kara and Ivan came for a visit! We did miss our son! Josh and son-in-law Nick but the men had fewer days off but the girls came with their sons! We had two great visits. And as we were parked on Kent’s parents property, great grandma and great grandpa also had some visits too. I did mention before that Teresa and Silas were here for Kent’s parents 70th wedding anniversary.  And one picture here was of Silas and me having a movie night in our bedroom! Fun times!

Then Kara and Ivan flew in and we had a few more days to enjoy them. It was nice enough to even eat outside and so we did a few times. Ivan so enjoyed great grandpa’s farm and even found a bucket of water to play in. We had so much fun watching him explore and ” seeing” things from his shorter prespective too.  A walk always brought new discoveries for grandpa and grandma too. Some pictures of our adventures!

imageA four generation picture taken at one of great grandma’s favorite Chinese restaurant.

We are blessed to have our children and grandchildren want to visit us and even fly to do it! All of these visits with our family are very special and we are very glad to be able to share their visits with Kent’s parents too this time!

We continue on down the road and you will have to watch for our further adventures.

jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Family visits”

  1. Lori Bracchi Says:

    Dear Jan,

    How good to read your blogs! I’m so glad I’m on your list to receive them!

    Wow, scary about the guy around your home. What a great reminder to pray for someone when the Lord brings them to mind. I’m of the same persuasion as you that He prompts us, therefore we need to take action!

    The pictures and hearing of your special family times are wonderful. I can’t help but notice the huge smiles on your and Ken’s faces when you’re with your grandsons. Guess what? Roger and I get to be grandparents for the first time in January, Lord willing! Our daughter Kara is pregnant with a baby boy. We are so blessed to have them in Yakima.

    We miss you in our life group on Friday evenings but so thankful we had you join us for the time you did!

    Love and blessings to you and Kent! Lori


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Thanks a ton for that kind note, Lori! And I am so glad for you too that you will have the joy of being grandparents soon! Hope and pray all is going well for her and baby! We did so enjoy the fellowship of your group and sooo thankful to have been a part of it, if only a short summer time! Tell all hi from us, please!

      In Christs love,
      Jan and Kent too


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