Yes, we are back on the road. We have been traveling through fall weather in Oregon and even got caught in the tail end of that storm of the century which didn’t turn out so bad after all. Thankfully! BUT we did pack up load our car in the pouring rain one day! We really don’t like to do that, as when you hurry to get done, you can make a mistake! We went out in the rain again and re-checked things, just in case! And no we didn’t catch a cold because of the rain!

So we were driving through western Oregon but not the coast. Although we love the coast and do hope to go there next fall! We got to see our dear friend Phil who helped Kent to do the truck modifications to carry our Smart Car in spring 2015. Phil’s wife Jeannie was away with family in a quilting retreat! That sounded like fun too!But we did miss seeing her too!

We were in a bit of a hurry as we had to be in Southern California for a retreat with co- workers. We had a wonderful time connecting with these other mission workers and times of prayer and reflection which really helped me.  It was a bit of a hairy drive to this retreat center but once there is was great! It was in a more remote area and the wild turkeys and Mule deer were abundant and not at all afraid of us! There were lots of trees and beautiful scenery which added to my healing calmness.

Some  pictures…

More pictures of the SILVER Spur Retreat Center

It was a great retreat and then we continued down the road.

love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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