“You have cancer!”

What? I didn’t really expect my doctor to say that! I am sure anyone who ever had that diagnosis has either!  One of my first thoughts was that she couldn’t mean me! But she kept talking and Kent and even I asked some questions, But I felt like I was two different people, one listening to her and one saying no way!

Eventually I came to accept this is me! And yes I have had moments of panic when thinking about my 4 siblings who have died of cancer before reaching their 64th birthdays. But the Drs assured me that this kind of cancer isn’t related to theirs. Also I know that God is right here beside me, even with cancer and He has not abandoned me and will not! Also I do have friends who are standing with and beside us in this journey!

My journey started in December with bleeding, then eventually pain. If you follow this blog you will know that we have been traveling a lot since then. So in between trips I found a Dr, went to her, had a pap, had an ultrasound and then finally an endrometrial biopsy…before she uttered those life changing words.

Kent and I were a bit stunned and shocked !  But we both knew something was wrong with me and even though that wasn’t the diagnosis we wanted it was an answer! Next we found a surgeon and got all the blood work done and April 6th is my surgery, a full hysterectomy and we are hopeful and praying so that the cancer is contained. If so and no lymph nodes etc are affected, I should be ok and will need no further treatment. That is the good news!!

I have found that as we shared about my cancer we have gotten all kinds of responses. And from the kind people who said,  “Oh, I am sorry, I will pray for you! ” to other less gracious responses. Someone told me, ” You will be fine!” I do hope and pray so, BUT no one knows that but our Good Heavenly Father! And to say it does not encourage me either! I know they might have the best intentions and some are scared because they don’t want it to be them, so they say thing to get you to stop talking about cancer.

I know I have learned from this that I want be a lot more gracious to sick or hurting people in the future!  Our journeys through life take us on many different paths. And we are still trusting God through this. He is holding us and we are encouraged most of the time!

We will be staying on in Phoenix area a bit longer until I am well enough to move. Then we are not sure where we will end up this summer, but somewhere cooler for sure. For now we are confident we are in the right place for us!

May God give you peace in your life circumstances as well!

Jan for the not so Roaming Reimer’s

7 Responses to ““You have cancer!””

  1. Deb Pentland Says:

    Dear Jan, I met you awhile back at the CB Women’s Retreat at Mt. Monadnock in N.H. I fell in love with you immediately! You are one of the sweetest people and your love for the Lord and people shines so bright. I have been receiving your posts and was so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis☹️. Just want you to know you and Kent have been in my prayers often and now even more. I will pray for His peace and comfort to you and also for complete healing!! Love in Christ, Deb Pentland’s

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    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Yes, Deb I do remember you well. I know you have responded to my blogs from time to time! Thanks for your kind words and for your prayers! We were shocked but then God gave us the grace to move forward and we are praying that it is all contained. May God give you grace for whatever you are facing in your life!


  2. Lori Bracchi Says:

    Dear Jan, THANK YOU for sharing your hard news! I will pray specifically for God’s will to be done during and after surgery, but of course will be asking, if it is His will, that surgery will remove all cancer and there will be no node involvement. May He grant you and Kent peace that passes all understanding and honor Himself throughout. In Christ’s love, Lori Bracchi in Yakima


    • RoamingReimers Says:

      Dear Lori, thanks for your kind words and prayers We value them more than I can say! We also are praying that it is contained and we can continue to serve the Lord together for a long time!


  3. LuAnn Says:

    I believe that sharing this difficult news can be cathartic and so helpful to others. Our prayers are being sent to the two of you for a healthy, healing outcome. I know God will provide what you need to face this diagnosis together with grace.


  4. RoamingReimers Says:

    Yes, LuAnn it was cathartic and also I hope it will help others to be more kind, not for me but for others that they meet! You two understand that! Praying you are both well and enjoying your travels!


  5. Susy Morrison Says:

    Jan, I’m so sorry you had to go through cancer, but very thankful you are okay now. I had cancer in 2005 and I thank God I haven’t had a reoccurrence. I shouldn’t have been very surprised, since cancer runs in my family, but actually I was shocked!! Anyhow, I believe that journeys like this make us stronger and more understanding of others. God always has a purpose.

    Glad to hear you are in Arizona — we lived in Prescott for 6 years and it’s not as hot there. The only reason we moved was to be closer to kids and grandkids.

    John and I wish you and Kent the very best, always.


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