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Staying with a friend from my childhood

May 31, 2018

Marty has been a friend since before I went to school. She and her family were neighbors of my family. She and I went to school from grade 1-12th together. The first 8 years we were neighbors, where our small farms land touched in the back part of our farms.

Growing up where you knew each family that the school bus stopped to pick up was quite a different world from a lot of people today! It was a bit of a “Mayberry” moment in time. Our milk man was also a neighbor and knew that my mom often forgot to bring in the milk that he put in the milk box outside our house, so he offered to bring the milk into our house and place it in the refrigerator. My mom was elated with that. People trusted people and we didn’t lock our houses.. this was the world that Marty and I grew up in together.

When visiting her recently, she remarked that I knew the neighbors she knew that we grew up with.. and that was right.  So it was a treat to be invited to park our RV house on their property for about a week recently.

She and Dennis, her husband are such gracious hosts. They both lost their first spouses and met in a grief support group. They married and between them have 6 children, and now 14 grandchildren. We were privileged to meet most of their children over the years but in this visit only a few could come for dinner one night. But the 6 grandchildren we met and the 3 adults were wonderful! They were so polite and graciously attentive when Kent shared of God’s ministry through us over the last 40 years. We were so impressed by these young adults and their kids.

Marty & Dennis live on a small farm in a smallish town. It is a beautiful farm. They keep it so neat and clean! They do have some beef they are raising and even a little calf that was a few weeks old.  They have had other animals in the past. Marty had a beautiful herb flower garden. It had a ton of mint growing in it and she makes the mint tea that we both had as kids. She shared some of that mint with me and I’ve been enjoying it as tea too! She also has a huge garden and she was planting it while we were there.

We were there several days that we hardly saw them when we had the time with Kent’s brothers and wives. But then we had several days when Marty and I got some good visits in too! And she had a dinner for their family for those that could come. We enjoyed it all and I felt so encouraged as we left their farm!

Thanks Marty and Dennis!


jan for the Roaming Reimers

Seeing friends who are adult children of dear friends

May 16, 2018

The next friends we visited also did support us. But our real connection is in being friends with the parents of Jena the wife and mother of his household. We were there when Jena graduated first from high school, then college and we also attended their wedding now a long time ago… We haven’t seen them in person for many years…probably since 2009. But we do keep in touch with their lives a bit through Jenas parents who we see and contact more frequently. Since we last saw them, their kids have all grown up! They are now looking into what is next! College, work etc! It seems hard to believe that they have grown up sooo fast! Jena and Scott now have 7 children from ages 17-3 years old, it is a beautiful and busy household with 4 boys and 3 girls and all those various ages to help, encourage, guide etc.

We shared some missionary stories and thanked them for their part in God’s ministry through and in us. It was so fun to see this family and to be a small part of their lives for one evening. They allowed us to park on their property and see their little farm. They also have sheep and had chickens… so it was a beautiful stop in all these ways!


As you can see from this picture above…it was hard to get all of us together for a picture… but we sure had a good time!

Having a great time, Roaming the US.

jan for the Roaming Reimers

Enjoying the beautiful countryside

May 15, 2018

Kent and I have been able to drive a lot of “red” roads recently. We do have to sure the overpasses and bridges can handle our height and a bit heavy rig and truck but we sooo enjoy the countryside.

We have been driivng through Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa recently.  It really is so encouraging to us, as we are two farmer kids, to see the fields plowed and planted with crops. We mostly have seen corn, beans, alfalfa and a little wheat and lots of grazing cattle and some sheep. The little green sprouts coming up with their bright “spring” green color are so fun to see!

We traveled to a small town in southern Iowa so also drove through lots of Iowa farming area too! The couple, Dave and Nancy that we went to see had supported us a long time ago and then had to stop because they kindly supported his sister and family in ministry. We certainly understood that and still wanted to find them and stop by to say Hi and thank them for supporting us back in the beginning of our ministry, when it particularly encouraged us to keep going. We had not seen them for about 34 years.

This is what they looked like when we last saw them…


Dave and Nancy have a small acreage in a small town. It was such a pleasure to get re-acquainted and to hear about their children and grandchildren! And their dreams for their farm. We enjoyed their chickens, and their little puppy as well as their farm. Nancy allowed us to do some laundry as well. I really appreciated that too!

Kent was able to speak in their small church even being Mothers day! It was such a treat to meet the people and to share stories of Gods using missionaries around the world. We felt the people really enjoyed them too!


Afterwards Nancy and Dave invited the pastor and his wife to have dinner with all of us. That was another blessing to get to know them a little too. We had a delicious meal prepared by Nancy, complete with a delicious Homemade Lemon Merangue Pie that we’d haven’t had for a long time.


Before long it was time to go down the road. So it was hard to say goodbye, but Nancy had a fun way, with fresh eggs from their chickens, some beautiful “Lily’s of the Valley” bouquet to perfume my RV house as well as a thank you card… I felt like I should be giving her the thank you card! They certainly sent us off with a wonderful refreshed feeling! Thanks for your gracious hospitality, Dave and Nancy!


Love and Gratitude especially to Dave and Nancy!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Our 43rd Wedding anniversary

May 15, 2018

Today is our 43rd Wedding Anniversary! How did that happen? All those years… somehow they just seemed to skip by sooo fast!

We are on the road this year soo it will be a bit different… actually we are looking for something fun to do… But we will see how the weather and travel schedule turns out for us.

Regardless we are still celebrating! Celebrating God’s goodness to us for all those years! For helping us to adjust to one another even these days! For helping us to keep loving each other and to even helping us to care in sickness for one another. We are still learning… and we pray that we won’t stop learning to love and treasure each other. And days like these are ones to have us reflect on God’s goodness to us in all these ways!

Celebrating God’s goodness and our love and faithfulness to each other!


Love be to you, Kent!

jan for the Roaming Reimers


More good friends

May 10, 2018

We drove on to see our friends in Northern Nebraska. We have known Don & Elsie for a very long time. In fact, Kent and Don went to church together as boys. They have also been faithful supporters as well as friends and we were so glad to spend a few days with them. We also got to get better acquainted with their granddaughter too. And I took her for a ride in our Smart she tried out the drivers seat! 😀

They hosted us on the back of their property, with a very nice cement drive which easily accommodated us.

They kindly drove us to see a college friend of mine(Jan). It was great to see and catch up a bit with Vickie over a lunch together.

I particularly enjoyed Elsie’s flowers as most of the rest of our journey the tulips had already bloomed.

We got a picture of the four of us together too.

Thanks for your hospitality and your faithfulness to God and to us!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A new Friend

May 9, 2018

Kent and I make friends fairly easily! Sooo when we took a flight from Phoenix to and got to talking with a very nice man at the gate that was going to be on our flight…it was nothing new.

We asked him about his life and found that we had a friend in the same line of work. We talked a bit more and he gave us his business card and said if we were ever in Wyoming to look him up… I do suspect that none of us really thought that would happen. I did email him a few times as he seemed interested in our mobile lifestyle.  But we happened to be going through his town…so I did call hIm up and he came to see our house and truck set up. We then went to dinner and talked for several hours. He is a fascinating man and we felt like we had a new friend! I think he said the same. We won’t ever forget this encounter and this man!

0B607575-2E86-4515-BD78-1E2709B31154We never know where we will make a new friend!

jan for the Roaming Reimers

Visiting dear friends in Colorado

May 9, 2018

We drove to rural Colorado to see our next friends! We have known these dear friends for a 40 years! They hosted us for a missions conference 40 years ago and we became friends and have been ever since.

It is always so good to be with them and if their family are near, to see them as well. This visit we got to meet their grandchildren that live nearby and they help to care for. How sweet to meet these kids and to see their mom again. Also great grandma that we know was there as well! Good to see her still doing so well!


We talked non stop trying to catch up on each other’s lives. We also went to a “Cowboy church” with them and Kent got to share for a few minutes. After the service a young man from the church got saved! How exciting!

There was more talking, more sharing, laughing eating of course and praying. They shared several good movies with us too. “War Room” and “Girl’s night out”. Both good and somewhat thought provoking too.

They also took us to a museum nearby which was very interesting and that has a bull elk. It was exciting to see him as he was a pretty big elk!


We always feel a bit sad when we leave, but look forward to the next visit! May God Bless these dear friends as they seek to serve Him in their corner of the world!


jan For the Roaming Reimers


On the road…. finally

May 8, 2018

We did leave Flagstaff and headed to our next stop. We had already postponed one stop in Salt Lake City and had to cancel Kent speaking in a church in Utah.. but the truck was released to us!

We started through Arizona and Navajo lands. Then we drove through a beautiful portion of Utah, going through Moab again, then into Colorado! That same drive we’ve made three tines in the last two weeks!

I will show you where we got to stay the night.

It was a beautiful sunset and quiet place to park! Kent talked to the owner of the restaurant and gift shop.

We left early the next morning as we were driving in two days what we had planned to do in three days. So we sort of “kept the pedal to the metal.”

We arrived at our friends place by late afternoon in northern Colorado.

jan for the Roaming Reimers

Truck issues

May 5, 2018

Yes, our semi truck which pulls our RV house is still in the shop! It is over a week ago that we had to have our truck towed to a repair place.

So we took off for Denver and thought for sure it would be fixed when we got back… they thought it was! We got in and we’re going down the road when Kent turned around.. our brakes were not working properly! We have to have them working the way they should. So they have been looking for the problem… and we have to be patient until they find the issue!!!

“Man plans his steps BUT God directs our ways ” and we do WANT GOD to direct our paths!

Thanks for your prayers!

Jan the not so roaming Reimer now

A different trip

May 3, 2018

The next day after we realized that our truck would not be ready to pull our RV house, we left in our little Smart car to drive to Grand Junction, Colorado where Kent has another aunt and uncle and some first cousins. They graciously hosted us overnight and then we drove on to Denver. This trip all together was about 1,400 miles round trip… I have put together a short video showing the much varied landscape we drove through. The pictures were mostly taken through the windshield of our moving you see some glare at times.

We got to stay with Kara, Nick and Ivan. Ivan and I took Kent to the airport the next morning. Ivan went with Kent and I to the airport using Kara’s car with the car seat of course…then Ivan and I had some fun before going back to their house. We stopped at Chick-fil-A and had a small ice cream cone! Yum!

We also found these really cool Batman sunglasses for Ivan! He really had fun with these!

and bath time fun too!

I stayed with Kara and family for the next few days and tried to help them with different things. We even did some trimming of bushes and digging out things that they didn’t wasn’t. After we got started, I found some “friends” living in the soil.

Now I am NOT at all a friend of snakes…sooo I kept my eye on this one as I worked and when he moved….so did I! It was a real exercise in keeping my FEAR in check! But he and I seemed to be ok for over an hour. The next day when we tried to work there, there were THREE more!!! So Kara and I decided to NOT work in that area that day, as we didn’t know where they were in the bushes and undergrowth as it was fairly thick! I think Kara is going to try to get someone to come and take them away… But I won’t be there again until July, so I don’t have to worry about them!

I loved having Ivan come to my bedroom and “wake” me up even when he came in and jumped on me!😀

I did get to babysit for Kara several times and one afternoon I babysat for Ivan and a friend’s two youngest kids. The kids had fun playing together in and outside the house.

The last evening before I went to pick Kent up at the airport…Kara took me out for dinner. It was so sweet and nice! I miss being close enough to see her more and help her more but we do have these times when we are all together for a week or so. That is special!

Kent came back to Denver from a mission influencers conference in Washington state. It had been quite a good conference and he was very encouraged with those that attended. He has been going and often speaking at it for many years now. He missed last year because it was right after my cancer surgery.

We had one more day in Denver. Kent had a eye dr’s appointment and then we had lunch with some friends and supporters. It was great to see Dale and Peggy and to hear how God is working in their lives too.

We did get to babysit Ivan so Kara and Nick could have a date night that last night there. We had one more present for Ivan… a bubble blower. He had lots of fun with it! I had a short video of him playing with it… for some reason I can’t get it to load here.. so you will have to take my word that he had a lot of fun!😀

The next morning we got ready and left Denver to drive back to Grand Junction, then back to Flagstaff to see if our truck was fixed. Almost 700 miles one way so about 1,400 miles round trip… I was ready to get out of our car for a bit! But we were grateful for a safe and prosperous journey!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers