Visiting dear friends in Colorado

We drove to rural Colorado to see our next friends! We have known these dear friends for a 40 years! They hosted us for a missions conference 40 years ago and we became friends and have been ever since.

It is always so good to be with them and if their family are near, to see them as well. This visit we got to meet their grandchildren that live nearby and they help to care for. How sweet to meet these kids and to see their mom again. Also great grandma that we know was there as well! Good to see her still doing so well!


We talked non stop trying to catch up on each other’s lives. We also went to a “Cowboy church” with them and Kent got to share for a few minutes. After the service a young man from the church got saved! How exciting!

There was more talking, more sharing, laughing eating of course and praying. They shared several good movies with us too. “War Room” and “Girl’s night out”. Both good and somewhat thought provoking too.

They also took us to a museum nearby which was very interesting and that has a bull elk. It was exciting to see him as he was a pretty big elk!


We always feel a bit sad when we leave, but look forward to the next visit! May God Bless these dear friends as they seek to serve Him in their corner of the world!


jan For the Roaming Reimers


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