Our 43rd Wedding anniversary

Today is our 43rd Wedding Anniversary! How did that happen? All those years… somehow they just seemed to skip by sooo fast!

We are on the road this year soo it will be a bit different… actually we are looking for something fun to do… But we will see how the weather and travel schedule turns out for us.

Regardless we are still celebrating! Celebrating God’s goodness to us for all those years! For helping us to adjust to one another even these days! For helping us to keep loving each other and to even helping us to care in sickness for one another. We are still learning… and we pray that we won’t stop learning to love and treasure each other. And days like these are ones to have us reflect on God’s goodness to us in all these ways!

Celebrating God’s goodness and our love and faithfulness to each other!


Love be to you, Kent!

jan for the Roaming Reimers


4 Responses to “Our 43rd Wedding anniversary”

  1. Michael Beldon Says:

    Happy Anniversary you two! Hope you found a fun way to celebrate.


  2. Wayne Says:

    Darlene and I wish you a great , safe fun day!


  3. Joy Getz Says:

    Happy, Happy Anniversary!


  4. Cindy Berry Says:

    Happy Anniversary!! You have influenced many people to Christ by your strong commitment to one another and by your teamwork!!

    Cynthia K. Berry Berry Marketing Communications 330/697-7188


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