Staying with a friend from my childhood

Marty has been a friend since before I went to school. She and her family were neighbors of my family. She and I went to school from grade 1-12th together. The first 8 years we were neighbors, where our small farms land touched in the back part of our farms.

Growing up where you knew each family that the school bus stopped to pick up was quite a different world from a lot of people today! It was a bit of a “Mayberry” moment in time. Our milk man was also a neighbor and knew that my mom often forgot to bring in the milk that he put in the milk box outside our house, so he offered to bring the milk into our house and place it in the refrigerator. My mom was elated with that. People trusted people and we didn’t lock our houses.. this was the world that Marty and I grew up in together.

When visiting her recently, she remarked that I knew the neighbors she knew that we grew up with.. and that was right.  So it was a treat to be invited to park our RV house on their property for about a week recently.

She and Dennis, her husband are such gracious hosts. They both lost their first spouses and met in a grief support group. They married and between them have 6 children, and now 14 grandchildren. We were privileged to meet most of their children over the years but in this visit only a few could come for dinner one night. But the 6 grandchildren we met and the 3 adults were wonderful! They were so polite and graciously attentive when Kent shared of God’s ministry through us over the last 40 years. We were so impressed by these young adults and their kids.

Marty & Dennis live on a small farm in a smallish town. It is a beautiful farm. They keep it so neat and clean! They do have some beef they are raising and even a little calf that was a few weeks old.  They have had other animals in the past. Marty had a beautiful herb flower garden. It had a ton of mint growing in it and she makes the mint tea that we both had as kids. She shared some of that mint with me and I’ve been enjoying it as tea too! She also has a huge garden and she was planting it while we were there.

We were there several days that we hardly saw them when we had the time with Kent’s brothers and wives. But then we had several days when Marty and I got some good visits in too! And she had a dinner for their family for those that could come. We enjoyed it all and I felt so encouraged as we left their farm!

Thanks Marty and Dennis!


jan for the Roaming Reimers

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