Visiting our son and family

We were so excited to visit our son Josh, Teresa and 12 year old Silas again! We always look forward to seeing them and they always welcome us! This time it was a bit more tricky with wanting to park our large RV house and truck near to their house so we could see them more.

Also for the last few years they have lived in the same house with Teresa’s sister Jenny and Johnny, her husband. They have 6 children so it is a busy and lively household! Jenny and Johnny have one biological child. They fostered then adopted 5 more children out of the foster care system.. I usually say they rescued these kids for that is what I believe. On the day of our arrival the two youngest kids 9 and 6, a sister and brother biologically had just gotten final approval for their adoption! So we all walked to a local ice cream shop to celebrate!

Johnny and Jenny bought an older house that needed lots of work . Josh, Teresa and Silas have been living near them in apartments side by side or nearly their whole marriage. So the cousins have grown up more like siblings than cousins.. they have been living together for several years now and our son and family have been a help in getting the old house fixed up.

So we knew that we’d be interacting with all of them and looked forward to that as we have over the years been known to their kids to as another set of grandparents. Also Josh and Johnny had a project they we’re hoping for Kent’s help on. And I saw that their raised garden could be planted…so we each had some projects to work on. We did have some hot and very humid days.. and in fact Teresa and one of Jenny’s daughters Ella and I all got completely drenched in a rain shower trying to finish planting the garden.. we had to wait until another day! But we did get it done.

The men were bolstering a shed and adding some covered outside storage area to it. They also got their job done. Teresa and Jenny’s dad dropped by and helped too.

So it was a great visit and we accomplished something to help this growing family! We did get to do a hike with Josh, Teresa and Silas for Josh’s upcoming birthday!

A few pictures: remember to check out the picture of kids on my sofa…and Silas was still at school then!

What a great time and fun interacting with all of these kids and adults! Thanks everyone for your hospitality once again!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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