A mini brothers’ reunion

We are traveling to see family and friends and supporters… well some people are both. Kent’s two brothers and wives have supported us in many ways over these 40 years and they have even supported us financially too! It is always a pleasure to see his older brother Ron and his younger brother Glen and their wives and families.

We three couples talked, laughed and reminisced and ate. Glen and Jamie hosted us, although Kent and I stayed in our RV house. Jamie had meals planned and treated us so well.

Kent’s sister joined us by phone for a bit too! Also Glen contacted a childhood friend of the brothers and he even came over for several hours visit.

This time it was mostly the couples visiting although Glen’s two adult children joined us for a day and brought delicious food with them. Our neice, Glen’s daughter Dee loves to cook..really is a Gourmet cook. She brought some very English tea food in honor of the Prince’s wedding. We did of course, also have some tea to go with this delicious food!

We went to Glen & Jamie’s new church and enjoyed that so much and then out for a Chinese restaurant that had a buffet. We sat, ate and talked for several hours. It was so fun to visit and no one had to worry about the food. So that gave our hosts a little break too.

It was a fun time and I suggested we do it again in a few years. Thanks Glen and Jamie for hosting us this time!

The three brothers

The three wives


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “A mini brothers’ reunion”

  1. Joy Getz Says:

    How wonderful for you and Kent to have that time together!
    Missing you here! Joy Getz


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